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Food Product Photographer.

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YRSFood.  Food Photography.

Food Product Photography - YRSFood Product Images.

Food Product Photographer. Working throughout the food industry creating food product & food packaging images from producers, agriculture & food media.


YRSFood, photography & Video production for food businesses & media.

YRSFood Food Photography

YRSFood. Food Photographer.As a food photographer and food photography studio, we work with the complete spectrum of food producers, processors and manufactures, all from both studios, creating images for food product, product pack shot, e-commerce products, product promotional and advertising, product websites and corporate use, as-well-as exhibitions and trade conferences materials and packaging. YRSFood Food Photographer.

YRSFood, Food Photographer.

YRSFood Food Product Photographer Dairy Products Example 1
YRSFood Food Product Photographer Oil & Sauce Products Example 2
YRSFood Food Product Photographer Shellfish Products Example 3
YRSFood Food Product Photographer Chocolate & Confectionary Products Example 4
YRSFood Food Product Photographer Herbs & Spice Products Example 5
YRSFood Food Product Photographer Meat & Baked Products Example 6
YRSFood Food Product Photographer Baked Goods Example 7
YRSFood Food Product Photographer Hamper Products Example 8
YRSFood Food Product Photographer Confectionary Products Example 9
YRSFood Food Product Photographer Confectionary Products Example 10
YRSFood Food Product Photographer Jams & Preserves Example 11
YRSFood Food Product Photographer Meat Products Example 12
YRSFood Food Product Photographer Oil & Sauce Products Example 13
YRSFood Food Product Photographer Non-alcoholic Beverage Example 14
YRSFood Food Product Photographer Meat & Poultry Example 15
YRSFood Food Product Photographer Chocolate Product Example 16
YRSFood Food Product Photographer Confectionary Example 17
YRSFood Food Product Photographer  Dairy Products Example 18
YRSFood Food Product Photographer Baked Products Example 19
YRSCommercial, Non Food Product Photography

YRSFood, Food Product & Packaging Photographer.

YRSFood Food Photography.YRSCommercial, Food Photography As a food photography studio, we also have a marketing background in excess of 33 years - so we understand the need to 'sell' a food product or dish and, therefore, approach the production of a food image with a proposition led style.

We work with both in-house and agency creatives, understand the need for carefully considered negative space when creating our food product photographs and regardless of the image being cut out or used in a lifestyle advertising shot, work to your brand guidelines.

We also provide a free image archiving service to manage all the food product photography images we take - making sure you have a backup at all times and an easy way to distribute the images to whoever you want.YRSCommercial, Food Photography.

YRSFood Food Photography.

What are food product photographs?

YRSCommercial, Food Photography We appreciate that this may sound a little strange a question but it is valid, we assure you. To some, the need for a high key white background is absolute. This may well work for a packeted product or one in a carton, but for fresh product is can look a little strange - meat especially on a white slab can look very unattractive.

However, white it is and now you have options. You have in pack or out pack combinations - multi pack or not. Do you show the product leaving the packaging or not. How do you handle flow wrap which seems to have a life of its own and 'flashes' even in day light let alone with studio lights. Do the product images need to be virtual advertising shots or not... the list is endless. But it is safe to say we do them all. It's our experience though that can help you a little and perhaps the meat rather on a white slab, can be sent to a more artisan butchers block and the mince with an 1930's Spong mincer... from our prop store. YRSFood, Food Phoographer & Studio.YRSCommercial, Food Photography.

YRSFood Food Photography.What do you mean by ingredients photographs?

YRSCommercial, Food PhotographyWell to be honest they are a product to some of our clients - butter and dairy, oatmeal etc. It all has to be shot as a product. However, to some of our clients these items are used in a 'lifestyle' type product shot to show alongside the product some of the ingredients that are used or included. Provenance is very important to food products, so if ingredients can be shot alongside the food product itself - more's the better!YRSCommercial, Food Photography.

What about Brandbank and other retail specific image libraries?

YRSCommercial, Food Photography We supply Brandbank with many of our clients who then subsequently go on to sell with Orcado, Asda, Tesco, Sainbury and other high street names such as Waitrose. We have their guidelines andYRSFood Food Photography. shoot according to these, so you can get the cost saving of using ourselves and the value added service provided by Brandbank as they service your customers.

We even provide a image management service to Brandbank making sure they have the latest products simply, effectively and electronically letting you get on with running your business and not having to worry about photography or the nuances of product and marketing staff in a retailer!YRSCommercial, Food Photography.

For product specific images how do you manage the brand in the image?

YRSCommercial, Food Photography Providing the brand is on the product packaging that is simple as it is focused upon in all of the images. If however, the product is removed from the packaging then there is a need to compose the images to show new packaging in the shot - not the damaged one the product has been taken from. So we always ask for extra cartons and if possible half crimped flow wrap. This will also include new labels as some of these may not have been adhered to the carton good enough for photography. We also ask you to inspect your cartons for dinks and dents - if more are needed then we would appreciate them supplied.YRSCommercial, Food Photography.

Anything else?

YRSCommercial, Food Photography Well yes really - and an obvious one. Pick the best samples of your product - no short cuts and provide the studio with more than one example. Product shots are kept to selling just the product - not too much added to hide things behind so a little preparation is always valuable.YRSCommercial, Food Photography.

YRSFood, Food Photographer.

YRSFood.  Food Photography


YRSCommercial & YRSFood. Commercial, Business, Industrial, Food, Architectural, Interiors , Press & Product Studio

YRSFood, the food photographer.

YRSFood, photography & video for food businesses & media.