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Staffordshire Moorlands & Staffordshire Hospitality PhotographerLeek Holiday Let & Accommodation Photography.

"Too cost prohibitive for a place our size... we don't have a budget for it... commercial photography costs too much so we try ourselves..." Just a few comments we've heard and they haven't yet asked how much yet. It's perceived to be expensive.
So why not ask first, don't assume it costs you nothing to ask for a quote - just how much is it to shoot your holiday let or AirBNB, you might get a nice surprise.

Holiday cottage and destination accommodation selling is getting really tough time these days...

Staffordshire Moorlands & Staffordshire Hospitality Photography We used to say... it's a little competitive... the holiday let business! We know, as we've been working with clients for over ten years in the sector... indeed we could be classed as holiday let and hospitality photography specialists really - the combination of interiors and food photography all from a single photography supplier. Now thanks to the last couple of years plus the new drive to tax holiday let owners and businesses, we can honestly say it's getting a right 'rum deal' to own and run such a holiday accommodation business. The tax now means a minimum occupancy required for those in Wales and shortly probably some parts of England too - yes, that includes Manchester being the first city to introduce a tourist tax. That makes the holiday let / AirBNB business a very serious one to keep those rates up. So presentation now becomes everything and yes, even more investment than before to keep the guests coming and return bookings. Thats where the best visual content can help - images and yes video - not just of the property but also the attractions nearby.

And if you're just about to move to AirBNB or have already been on a while, you'll know you have to continually improve your profile images - why - AirBNB is very price competitive and image always counts there! That's where we come in to help you.

YRSCommercial, Holiday Let Photographer, Leek & Staffordshire Moorlands & Staffordshire.

YRSCommercial, Holiday let & AirBNB Photography Holiday Rental Example 1
YRSCommercial, Holiday let & AirBNB Photography Holiday Cottage Example 2
YRSCommercial, Holiday let & AirBNB Photography Eco Holiday Cottage Example 4
YRSCommercial, Holiday let & AirBNB Photography Holiday Flat Example 3
YRSCommercial, Holiday let & AirBNB Photography Prince of Wales Holiday Cottage Example 5
YRSCommercial, Holiday let & AirBNB Photography Holiday Cottage Example 6
YRSCommercial, Holiday let & AirBNB Photography Example 7
YRSCommercial, Holiday let & AirBNB Photography Guest House Example 8
YRSCommercial, Holiday let & AirBNB Photography Example 9
YRSCommercial, Holiday let & AirBNB Photography Example 10
YRSCommercial, Holiday let & AirBNB Photography Holiday let Cottage Example 11
YRSCommercial, Holiday let & AirBNB Photography Holiday let Cottage Example 12
YRSCommercial, Holiday let & AirBNB Photography Luxury Holiday Home Example 13
YRSCommercial, Holiday let & AirBNB Photography Example 14
YRSCommercial, Holiday let & AirBNB Photography Example 15
YRSCommercial, Leek Holiday let & AirBNB Photography Example 16
YRSCommercial, Leek Holiday let & AirBNB Photography Example.
YRSCommercial, Leek Holiday let & AirBNB Photography Example 17
YRSCommercial, Leek Holiday let & AirBNB Photography Example 18
YRSCommercial, Leek Holiday let & AirBNB Photography 19

Holiday Let photography that demonstrates the value you bring to your clients and guests - showing just how much you care.

Staffordshire Moorlands & Staffordshire Hospitality PhotographerWe know it's easy to first try and use your own images - perhaps that's how you have run a holiday let already and this is how you've presented your accommodation in the past, the phone capturing instant images for quick upload. Or perhaps you may even be a small boutique hotel who sees the value of AirBNB.

Eitherway, when you need to achieve a mandatory occupancy rate - beyond perhaps your own expectations, a few snaps isn't going to sell you accommodation. And then trying to save on one hand results in a tax charge that costs way more than the photography would have.
And with AirBNB pushing prices always down, making the occupancy rate plus the profit level you need to run a healthy business... well AirBNB is about competition, availability and this directly forces prices down - not up, no matter where you are. With AirBNB you will recognise that image and price is everything.

So the question is - continue using your own images? Use AirBNB's own photographers or take an independent view and bring your own styling and value through a specialist commercial photographer such as ourselves - the only styling pressure, shoot direction and focus we have is from you.

YRSCommercial. Leek Holiday Cottage Photographer & Video Production.

When you use holiday accommodation portals, your success boils down to a thumbnail...

There's no doubting Air BNB is a great place to be operating, like other holiday portals- itsStaffordshire Moorlands & Staffordshire Hospitality Photography seems easy to market yourselves. They'll also great for buying - if your a guest- the choice seems endless and the pricing opportunities very exciting and the site just keeps on suggesting new options. Our point here? Much of your uniqueness is boiled down into that small thumbnail that comes up in the location search - the next decision is to glance at the price - if you tick the box, they look deeper... That takes about 3 seconds. Fail and they look else where. You on the other hand still have your occupancy rates to worry about.

So forget all the nice colourful language, descriptions of the landscape views etc. Your AirBNB / holiday-let is bought in a ruthless price driven reactive way. Then when they look deeper into your property profile 'comfort' comparisons take place until, if you're lucky they call you.

So you need to 'sell' in a thumbnail image and match with a careful pricing approach. We can't help you with your pricing - it's not our skill. But when it comes to the images that makes guests look further, we understand that problem very well. And as marketing consultants of the past, we understand buying behavior, so we try and create images that stimulate your guest's reactions. And as we're independent of AirBNB your stay in control.

YRSCommercial. AirBNB photographer Leek.

YRSCommercial, holiday let images, video production & content creation in Leek. It doesn't cost as much as you think.

Now creating professional images of your AirBNB let doesn’t cost a fortune as is often thought. You will recover the cost in your first week's bookings... plus a profit! So get a professional. It does require a little planning though to understand the images you wish to show – a standard set that rarely changes or perhaps a selection of seasonal images that lets you as the AirBNB owner, change your profile appearance.

YRSCommercial. AirBNB Photographer, Leek.

So if your target market is AirBNB, then you now have an option for great images (You can also use the same images on or any other booking engine too!) Leek Hospitality Photographer


Give us a call. Look at our portfolio. Email us for ideas and advise. We always offer you simple packages for all our photography - its based on the number of rooms in your holiday let, BNB, guest house or hotel. We do not provide services for single room AirBNB users - the costs of process and post production prohibit us offering anything at this level, sorry. All images are sent to you under licence of use terms and via WeTansfer for rapid delivery in approx 48 hours of shooting (dependent on workload in the studio post production team).

YRSCommercial, Holiday Let Photographer Leek & Staffordshire Moorlands & Staffordshire.

Leek Commercial Photographer Video & Content Creator