YRSCommercial Product, Catalogue & Packaging Photography.

YRSCommercial have developed a purpose built product photography studio to handle all sorts of product photography - large or small.

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YRS - cost effective product & packaging photography.

YRSCommercial has invested heavily in the product studio so that our clients find their project costs are substantially cheaper than many of their local photo studios - UK wide.

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All styles are managed - high key to lifestyle product images.

Much of our work is for the internet - selling products locally and internationally. For others we create advertising images to sell products in magazines and editorials.

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How to contact us for a free consultation and advice.

Sometimes is helps to simply talk your ideas and issues through with our photographer...


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YRSCommercial, Specialist product and packaging photographer.

As a commercial product photographer and packaging (pack shot) specialist, YRSCommercial has developed a purpose built product photography studio, complete with studio benches and backdrops to handle all sorts of product photography - large or small, high key or in set piece photographs. Using the studio benches we can quickly cope with high volume catalogue photography commissions (Call us for a quote, prices start from £3.99 an image for large volumes) and because of the set piece studio scenes, we can quickly create the right theme for your product or even food or menu.

Our studio have their own secure safe house, so if your products are of a jewellery nature or is a prototype, they will always remain safe with us. Using these facilities we offer product photography services to manufacturers and retailers across the UK, as many ship their products to us, these being later returned under secure delivery. Our internal team has clipping and masking skills so we can touch-up existing, as well as new images of any products, large or small complex or simple.

To read more about our studio, go to our about page. Don't forget to look at our business pages from the menu selection, how can we help.


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What experience do YRSCommercial have with product, pack shot and POS photography?

Thanks to the Internet here in the product studio, we are doing more and more website product photography. Why? Our clients have realised that although their shipping costs may be higher to get their products to us, the total cost of the project is substantially cheaper than local studios. This has resulted in us working with technology products such as ear phones and cellphones, cosmetics, engineering, food products, stationary and fine writing instruments, furniture and and fabrics or household goods - even jewellery. Much of our work is for the internet - websites selling products locally and internationally. For others we are creating advertising images to sell products in magazines, editorials and of course the internet!


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High Key images (eBay, Amazon and retail white ' cut out').

Many of the products we shoot in the studio are to high key formats - that is to be shown with a white background. We have gained a reputation for good lighting here as many alternative studios simply shoot the product dull and rely on clipping masks to extract the image - pasting it onto a white or transparent background. We prefer to light the product properly and then enhance the image using clipping masks. This keeps colours clean and saturated, makes labels, caps of design features white when they should be and not dirty grey. We initially shoot everything to hi key booths and the enhance. This means you get a clean image every-time. Should you require shadowing to the base etc. we add this in the studio.


Lifestyle Images or Purpose Images.

Many of our product clients who order hi key images from us also ask us to shoot what we term 'lifestyle' or set piece images - showing the product in use, selling its value proposition or brand promise. This can be fabrics for throws across fine sitting room furniture, Harris tweed handbags set in rustic Scottish scenes or industrial lighting installed in new buildings and shopping centres. More creative than hi-key images these are about selling the value of the product. So we establish a strong brief, get to understand the product and its use and then create mock-up ideas which we talk you through first before shooting. These image 'scamps' are then the basis on which we develop the images and shoot in the studio. We are also lucky to have created a large prop store - in both our studios. This means products that need a lifestyle setting can be simply set to a background or composition that may promote a season (yes Christmas time all year here..!), a promotional style or target market.


Large Images beyond Furniture size.

Yes, much of the product we shoot is small - it's shipped to us via post or courier. But we do also get asked to shoot larger items here in the studio - sofas, fine dining tables, engineering products and machines. On such occasions we bring the studio to the client - lighting, backdrops to isolate the item etc. Again like with the set-piece images - we work a brief out first, visiting your business to do an on-site inspection for space, lighting and of course understand the item, its shape and how it will be used. This then lets us propose clear ideas and scamps for you to work alongside with.

To read more about our studio, go to our about page. Don't forget to look at our business pages from the menu selection, how can we help.



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YRSCommercial, the business and corporate photography studio.

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