• Business and Corporate Photographer
  • Business and Corporate Photographer, YRSCommercial

  • Business and Corporate Photographer
  • Business and Corporate Photographer, YRSCommercial

  • Business and Corporate Photographer, YRSCommercial
  • Business and Corporate Photographer, YRSCommercial

  • Business and Corporate Photographer, YRSCommercial
  • Business and Corporate Photographer, YRSCommercial

  • Business and Corporate Photographer, YRSCommercial
  • Business and Corporate Photographer, YRSCommercial

  • Business and Corporate Photographer, YRSCommercial

  • Business and Corporate Photographer, YRSCommercial

  • Business and Corporate Photographer, YRSCommercial
  • Business and Corporate Photographer, YRSCommercial

Business & Corporate Photography.

YRSCommercial is a specialist corporate and business photography studio working with businesses large and small. Go here for Industrial photography.

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Why is the YRSCommercial approach to corporate images different?

A commercial photographer expresses your business and product proposition visually. That's what makes the difference.

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How are YRSCommercial images used by clients?

We are specialists in food and product, beyond general commercial and corporate work. Our clients are UK wide, large and small.

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How to contact us for a free consultation and advice.

Sometimes is helps to simply talk your ideas and issues through with our photographer...



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YRSCommercial, Corporate photographer, business
and commercial photography studio.

A specialist corporate, industrial and business photography studio and photographer. So what is a corporate photographer or business photographer? Is it the same as a commercial one? Why do you need a commercial photographer? Or do you need a corporate, business photographer. Questions, questions, questions...

In short they are all the same. The key issue is that all these three descriptions relate to one key value you obtain when you hire this kind of professional photographer - the understanding of selling a product, service or brand message/statement. If we didn't understand your product or service you deliver and equally importantly the brand promise you offer, then - we couldn't create a commercial image. Simple.

So a good definition for a professional commercial photographer, corporate business or otherwise would be: someone who can create a 'selling' image or express your business and brand proposition visually. That's why commercial (yes, corporate and business photographers) studios, whilst dealing with a wide range of business image needs, from corporate brochures to point of sales materials, are really very highly specialised and rarely generalists...

So we don't we generallise... do weddings etc? Why are the only portraits we do for business and public relations. Our clients range from product managers, public relations teams, website designers (UK and EU wide) business owners, marketing communication staff and companies, throughout the UK.


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So what is a business, commercial or corporate image?

Well it can represent a wide variety of things - images or photographs for corporate or product brochure-ware, business websites, sales promotional literature or corporate statements, sales person presentations, industrial event support or sales event PR support.

The commercial photographer has to turn their hand to all these business and corporate requirements and one key thing we find our business clients like, is that we do not think the same image will work across all the mediums or uses. Therefore, we shoot specifically on an individual by individual basis for each of their business, corporate or commercial tasks - a sale presentation image, needs to sell a business or a product differently to that of a commercial photograph for say, a brochure or perhaps branding process. So that's where we as a commercial UK photographer studio 'think' a little differently, when you as a business engage us for general commercial photography, corporate image creation or invite us into any industrial environment to work.

As you would expect, as a commercial photography studio, we have lots of specialisations, which you will find on the links tab ' How can we Help You'.

How is industrial photography different?

How is industrial photography different - the subject, again understanding the process, understanding the business and the skills involved in the client all make the image better. That's why as a business we find our experience in working either as a marketing consultant or photographer in commercial and industrial fields for over 30 years (oooch...) vital in getting the best image. We find manufacturing, engineering exciting, understand the pressures of running a business managing property... and so it goes on. This enthusiasm is always reflected in the image we take! So don't forget to have a look at our industrial photography page if this is the centre of importance for your commission.

Our approach to a commercial and business image,
it's creation and corporate photography.

When it comes to just simple generic commercial images, we simply don't do them. We take a very strong brief. We ask you about your business or product, service pitch, your product or business brand value and and the sales proposition you need to convey. We need to understand, what is your brand promise and more importantly how are your competition doing it. We then ask you how the image is to be used and then we tell you the ideas we have - before even touching a camera. That way we get the photography right first time - the image in the 'can' easier.

So, our slogan? We don't do simple generic commercial work. We only do targeted commercial photography that does the job first time.


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How are our commercial and business images are used
in corporate marketing, business communities and industry marketing?

There was once a time when images had a fairly narrow use - brochures, event back-drops and of course the press. Not to say that this isn't still the case - but we now shoot for a much broader range of communications elements, technology has arrived and business has adapted to use this to promote their products. Website photography. We shoot business images that range from product photographs , catalogue images through to proposition website banners - yes, expression of the proposition or the value statement of the brand - a little like advertising photography in which the brand or item sits. We are shooting often employee portraits for use in Linkedin or other social media, as well as the corporate pages of the website. Good examples of website photography can be found on our case study page for Aromantic here. You can see Aromantic's own website here. Another good example would be for Maharishi Ayurveda, their website is here which uses our images and the case study here.


Website Design Photography - commercial images.

Much of our work these days; thanks to the change in marketing investments; is with web designers - creating images for product, company and public relations websites, which also include specialist blogging pages. This leads us to creating images that have to be formated in website design styles - perhaps capturing an image to support a product statement online - perhaps a new product resale statement. Either way, we not only have to consider the selling proposition of the product to create the image but also the design requirements of an external website design consultancy or perhaps internal website design team. Luckily as we have had over 30 years experience in design-side businesses so we can simply and effectively work with most marketing clients and their designers, discussing the needs for both 'camps' so to speak and then create the image need.


Social Media & Press Photography.

Whether it be a politician meeting a CEO, the launch of a new product range or a Gaelic connection website, commercial images for social media use are paramount. Companies like to use a blend of 'selfies' and professional business images - all have to be real-time, produced and delivered for publication instantly. At a conference we are shooting and uploading the action of sales teams and marketing staff as they interact with clients. At a presentation and award evening we take commercial event images of the process, speaker portraits and of course capture their delivery - again all uploaded in real time. A nice example of a strong story and images to support it for press can be found here. You can see the client examples website here and more information on our press work here.


Internet Advertising Photography.

Why a selective discussion for Internet advertising? Well creating good 'Internet led' commercial and business images for this, is really difficult - you only have small amounts of space to create the image and execute the propositions, value statement and of course support the call to action. Impressive eh! But we do and more importantly we work with Internet designers to cut and shape the images to fit such narrow size options within Internet banners, pop-ups and sliders. Always sales or brand proposition led and as creative as we can make them! Good examples of our internet adversing style can be found here.


Brochures (Online and printed).

Can we leave this out? Oh no! Whether the brochure is for shareholders, customers or partners in channel, our commercial and business images are used to convey an argument - not only at the top level of the business brand, but lower down as well - the tanker drivers care to the elderly as he delivers fuel oil in the snow and not just an image of the oil companies corporate headquarters! As print seems to be heading to the horizon of the past for many commercial clients, our images are used in on line publications, PDFs, ebooks and of course company statements, share holder reports and much much more that can be called loosely brochure-ware.


Data sheets & Leaflet Photography.

One of the fastest growing areas we work is now the capture of a process with commercial or industrial photography to accompany a data sheets - for health and safety in specialist industries, for company handbooks, use of software or a tool such as a lathe. The content these images support then explains for both education use and in some cases sales promotional use the process or product use taking place.


Promotional materials photography for sales teams.

As you would expect this is another huge area of business for the commercial photography studio. We are asked to create product use to show its purpose in a controlled fashion - this then becomes the sales image - whether the mixing of shampoo ingredients for a specialist wholesaler or the making of specialist teas, customer made oatcakes in a bakery or the slicing and presentation of smoked salmon. These images sell the product - different to data sheet photography which is about showing the process in its cold clinical form. With point of sales materials - the images must simply say buy-me and here's why! Point of sale material photographs. A little like all promotional materials point of sale images created by us here at YRSCommercial, are proposition led. The key thing for POS materials is the shape or size of the space the images has to work in. An thanks to our background in marketing and material design - we do it very effectively - we make the image fit the space not through cut and crop, but through creation of the image to fit the space in the camera! You as a client get a better image and your designers have an easier job working with the image.


Packaging Images and photography.

Whether the need is for hi key cut out images which let your designers add the images to anything from a textured background to a solid colour or carton dye cut, or the images is a lifestyle image showing the product in use we have shot it - food product, technology product, household items and cosmetics, a huge range of products photographed for the purpose of packaging. For a nice example of product packaging photography why not look at our Rieds of Caithness (there website is here) case study here.


Corporate relations and presentation material photography.

With many of our larger clients such as RBS or Orion Engineering the creation of photographs for corporate relations CSR and shareholder materials is paramount. The images we have created are a blend of both formal and education - helping to support the business critical information on which investments are made. Clear, qualified images that support a given extract or part of a company report. And there's more...


YRSCommercial (Your Reflection Studio). Commercial, Business, Industrial, Food, Architectural, Interiors , Press & Product Studio

YRSCommercial, the business and corporate photography studio.

YRSCommercial (Your Reflection Studio) is a commercial photography studio and specialising in product and food images, based in Scotland and the West Midlands and working throughout the United Kingdom. We work with businesses, producers, restaurants, media, designers and property owners, creating images for commercial, editorial, promotional, business and industrial needs, as-well-as for media and agencies and marketing designers all over the UK.

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Your Reflection Studio, Commercial Photography Studio

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