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Stone Food Photography.

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Stone Food Photographer - YRSFood Images.

Stone Food Photographer. Food Product Photography Specialist.

Digital phtography has now made food photography hugely cheaper. There isn't the need for DIY.

YRSFood. Food Photographer.Food producers can now enjoy the luxury of publishing channels too expensive in the past thanks to e-books and digital print. Recipe cards are now used to not only drive initial promotion but also act as a discount vouchers for the returning customer. Digital media has made marketing so much more simple with the right creative support and above all the food content imagery whether video or still paramount. But don't take just our word for it, look at the explosion of internet blogs, recipe portals, PDF product leaflets and food websites that inhabit the web.. YRSFood Food Photographer.

YRSFood, Stone Food Photographer.

YRSFood Stone Food Photographer Baked Goods Example 1.
YRSFood Stone Food Photographer Gastro Pub Example 2
YRSFood Stone Food Photographer Catering Example 3
YRSFood Stone Food Photographer Cocktails Example 4
YRSFood Stone Food Photographer Gastro Pub Example 5
YRSFood Stone Food Photographer Baked Goods Example 6
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YRSFood Stone Food Photographer Baked Goods Example 9
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YRSFood Stone Food Photographer Restaurants & Menu Example 11
YRSFood Stone Food Photographer Restaurants & Menu Example 12
YRSFood Stone Food Photographer Gastro Pub Example 13
YRSFood Stone Food Photographer Gastro Pub Example 14
YRSFood Stone Food Photographer Restaurants & Menu Example 15
YRSFood Stone Food Photographer Restaurants & Menu Example 16
YRSFood Stone Food Photographer Recipes & Cookbooks Example 17
YRSFood Stone Food Photographer  Recipes & Cookbooks Example 18
YRSFood Stone Food Photographer Recipes & Cookbooks  Example 19
YRSFood Stone Food Photographer Meat & Poultry Products Example 20

YRSFood, Staffordshire Food Photography.

Stone food photography. Award winning food photographer, successful throughout the United Kingdom, based in Staffordshire & the West Midlands. As a professional food photography business, we help companies, food business owners, entrepreneurs and food media with our simple approach to food photography, also our fixed price service packages. YRSFood, Food Photographer Stone.

YRSFood Stone Restaurant Photography

Is it only the big companies and restaurant chains that work with YRS?

YRSFood Food PhotographyOur clients aren't just large though, they are industry wide and range the Stone Food Photographerentire food and drink industry spectrum - small smoke houses and butchers, game suppliers and dairy producers, as-well-as many of the restaurants.   We cater through our current studio facilities for all forms of food photography, both studios have facilities to cater for most food product with storage facilities to keep it fresh and when required, kitchen and cooking options as needed. If you require set piece and lifestyle options no problem.

We have a range of lifestyle sets, which can be used to bring your product to life - bespoke or template studio set. Many of our clients send us product if it is possible by courier - although if the product you produce is highly perishable and needs absolute freshness, then we either collect it  ourselves or shoot it on site. To handle shoots that are on-site we have portable studio units and bring props and backgrounds that will complement the shoot.
YRSFood, Food Photographer Stone. YRSFood Food Photography

YRSFood Stone Food Photographer.

YRSFood, Food photography is now much more flexible, quicker to match trends and menus.

YRSFood Food PhotographySo what if you're a restaurant? Not a producer. Doesn't social media do it? Well the digital age has totally changed how we engaged your establishment. No longer do we walk the street browsing the menu boards for an ad-hoc meal - we browse the internet. We buy from the internet. So if your chefs creativity is not represented well there and in its best capacity - you loose... it's easy to keep looking from an armchair! Restaurants can't afford to to cut corners on food photography, Facebook has it's place agreed as a social media vehicle, but you still need the best images of your chef's creativity to sell your restaurant - and a quick snap from a phone simply doesn't cut it - you need to create the image, style the images and plan the content!

YRSFood, menu & catering food as well as restaurant photography.

So, professional food photography. It's not expensive anymore - thanks to digital technology. A good photographer should also be a stylist - if not, don't use them - this reduces some of the costs again. If a menu shoot, however, cheap is not the answer - chef with his phone doesn't control the lighting and doesn't think in picture terms. Part of being a pro-photographer is to admit, it looks wrong and so start again... you're chef will not do it, especially if they're grabbing images during the covers. .YRSFood Food Photography


YRSFood Stone Food Photographer Hospitality

And the real beauty of what we do, we bring the studio to you.

YRSFood Food PhotographyFood photography doesn't need to be in a studio... most of our work is either in a restaurant & kitchen or a warehouse! So, a good food photographer should be adaptable - saves you cash too.

Stone Food PhotographerThe best food photography starts with a plan, work the dishes out your want to show, create a brief that explains this and talk to the photographer - and get them first to tell you how they will show this visually. This costs you nothing. If they can't talk it through they will never shoot it! It's all in the brief so take a little time and get it right.

A last thought...
Don't cut corners - you won't save cash only loose it. Simple. Get a professional food photographer in and let them help you benefit from the fast moving and fickle digital age

YRSFood, Food photographer Stone.YRSFood Stone Food Photography

YRSFood Staffordshire Food Photography

YRSFood, food photography in Staffordshire.

YRSFood, Stone Food Photography. YRSFood (Your Reflection Studio), working with restaurants and food producers throughout Staffordshire. We work with business, media and editors, creating images of food, menus and packaging, all over the UK.

YRSFood, photography for food businesses in Staffordshire.

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Stone Food Photographer