Stafford Restaurant Photographer. Viceroy Restaurant.

Stafford Restaurant Photographer. Viceroy Restaurant.

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Restaurant Photographer Stafford

It is rare that a restaurant wants to move a little away from their own brand to show food purely at its best. Normally, restaurant owners wish us to shoot on their table cloths, using their flatware, their ceramics and if we can insert a branded napkin… or base the shoot on their brand colours… Which we totally understand, it’s selling the business that counts and as a ‘proposition’ led commercial photographer we always look to create executions that explore the brand promise or product proposition.

However… it is great fun to find an owner who simply wants to sell the menu and the best way possible. The owner of the Viceroy in Milford Stafford also has an establishment in Derby, quite different in approach there, they have no licence to sell alcohol you bring your own, but at the Viceroy in Milford, the experience is plush, refined and very cosmopolitan. They also at the Viceroy in Milford, create take-a-ways! So here we are, asked to shoot a new menu and concentrate on the plate.

YRSCommercial, Restaurant Photography Stafford. Viceroy Restaurant, Milford.

Restaurant Food Photographer Stafford. Viceroy Milford.

Asia food has to be one of the most exciting dishes to have cooked… the senses come alive.

It has to be said that you have already tasted Asia food before it arrives.. the searing of the spices in the hot pan, the gentle sweetness of the garlic blending with the bitter turmeric, the tingle of Garamsala… this all hits the nose before the taste buds!.

Such a range of creativity from delicate starters, to more roust main dishes and then the Asian ice cream.

The menu range shot on the day was broad from delicate crab, through to chicken, prawns and then of course the deserts. The colour created through the use of spices, the flavours… quite special. YRSCommercial, Restaurant Photographer, Stafford.

A photo shoot in the Viceroy, Milford, Stafford.

So we arrived with backgrounds, lighting units and literally had to create images on the fly, as we were at the mercy of chef’s creativity on the day – no menu preparation – all we had was a few ideas and everything had to fit with the excellent creativity of this award winning chef. 

The shoot was essentially two parts, the menu and the restaurant and staff to be shot the next day – this was to create a complete image gallery for the restaurant which was then to be used on social media and a new website.

YRSCommercial, hospitality photographer Stafford.


Restaurant Food Photographer Stafford. Viceroy Milford.

For each dish we broke it down into ingredients and simply used those as a vehicle to sell the taste of the dish.

The flatware, we kept to a minimum and we were very lucky that the traditional white circular plates of the restaurant trade had been avoided and strong ceramic shapes adopted. We shot through 20 dishes that day…  everyone totally exhausted at the end, but a pleasing set of images that ‘sold’ the plate – some vertical others from a slight angle depending on the shape and form on the plate created by chef. Some of the dishes were very delicate – the crab dishes, other shelfish and pmegranet. These we drew focus in – looking for the carefull presentation to the plate. Other dishes we drew back to show the dish ‘design’ and use of sauces and fresh flowers.

YRSCommercial, Restaurant Photographer Stafford.

The shoot then moved from the menu to the restaurant itself. That evening, immediately after clearing up the shoot and as the evening service period started, we captured staff behind the bars, serving and interacting with customers. From then on, the shoot moved to the restaurant itself. One issue here, a huge wall of glass that flooded the restaurant during the morning with sunlight – not what we wanted really. Restaurants of this type are created for evening atmosphere, strong colours plush fabrics – not white airy walls and linens of a deli or cafe. So, it was a matter of waiting for the sun to go in – dull weather in fact and shots were taken, giving a nice balance to the colours of the room.

YRSCommercial, Restaurant & Hospitality Photographer. Viceroy Milford Stafford.



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Stafford Restaurant Food Photographer. Viceroy Restaurant.
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Stafford Restaurant Food Photographer. Viceroy Restaurant.
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