Product Photographer Macclesfield. Flexigas.

Product Photographer Macclesfield. Flexigas.

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Product Photographer Macclesfield

A brief call, we need a product shoot and as quickly as possible. We’re used to those in the studio, only the product we shoot doesn’t take two people to lift it under those circumstances! The managing director had a new web presence and needed the images as quickly as possible – the shoot to take place in their warehouse, which we are used to only the product ranged from 50m reals of flexible gas pipe to 15mm brass fittings and tools. So on one hand we needed the grips to the weights and another care to the very fine detail of the brass logo engravings.

YRSCommercial, Product Photographer Macclesfield, Flexigas.

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Product photography from managed onsite – saves the cost of shipping the product to the studio & it stays in stock to sell.

Why move stock to the studio if you have the warehouse space? Depending on the size of the products we only need a few meters of space to shoot .

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Don’t worry about fine details if we shoot onsite, we bring the studio to you, so we can easily worry about detailed features no matter how small they are.

When we come on site it’s not a matter of simple shots taken – if fine details are needed just let us know beforehand and we’ll bring in the macro gear. YRSCommercial, Product Photographer Macclesfield.

A photo shoot for Flexigas, Macclesfield.

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Setting up in a warehouse has become the norm for us now – not the exception, with more and more product being shot for clients on site and only a few very specific clients shipping large quantities of product to us at the studio. It’s the shipping costs and risk of courier damage that is driving the change – but it’s not a problem to us as we have invested in the portable studio environment. That means we can work with anything from furniture to – yes a small 15mm brass coupling. All we need to know is the approximate size of the product beforehand and we bring the lighting units, backgrounds and product tables to shoot. In this case we needed a little more than our usual 3-4 meters of space to shoot the product. The flexible pipe reals were up to a metre in diameter.

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So a little set up was needed and a line of products created for us to simply bring in to the shooting area from one side and then out the other side, so the products could be simply reloaded back into the stocking rails… a simple workflow approach – but vitally important, it reduces clutter and permits product to be back in stock ready for sale as quickly as possible. All studio cables are taped down to the floor or covered using rubber shields, so this plus our ‘workflow’ approach means we are health and safety assured – no boxes blocking the fire doors or studio wires tripping people up!


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The backgrounds were set against vacant pallets and racking, so space use was kept to a minimum. From there it was a case of taking in the heavy products first and then once complete changing the tables sets for the small objects. One thing we try and get clients to think about is a little prep before we arrive. If they want SKU numbers as image file names, making it simply to upload to stock recognition systems or eCommerce sites, it’s not a problem – simply label the products for us. Then as we take the shot we change the file name there and then to the SKU number. Labelling can be retail proof labels and barcode numbers or it can be simply ‘post-it notes’ stuck on each of the items ready for us. Doing it this way saves time later when we’re in post production. Other clients have simply put the products in to marked poly bags, anything that means the label stays in place and doesn’t fall off in the moving process.

YRSCommercial, Product photographer Macclesfield.

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Once all shot, it was a simple case of moving the images into post production, clipping without shadow on this occassion and delivering the items within a couple of days back to the client via web transfer. Once in our archive systems the client also had a product image archive set up so if they need to now send images to designers or even business partners, they just give us a call and we send them over at no extra cost. This was they never loose those product images!

YRSCommercial, Product Photographer Macclesfield, Flexigas.



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