No longer operating in Scotland.

As of October 2020, we are no longer providing photography services on site in Scotland. This decision was made prior to Covid 19 and is following a longer consideration of our position in Scotland since 2014. We have an extensive hospitality client base and have worked with a huge proption of the Scottish food sector. However, after 12 years and considerable investment in our presence in Scotland, we felt the political uncertainty could no longer be risk managed, planning was difficult and uncertainty is not a good bed fellow of business.

We are a business that works freely across the border in both England and Scotland from both our studios and could not withstand complications at the border making operating in Scotland any more expensive than is nessary – the market is already price sensitive to photography services and the business would have to consider two sets of accounts one of which may be considered as export.

That’s just not acceptable to a business our size. We therefore decided to consolidate our business back in the West Midlands from where we started back in 2006, now covering all of England and Wales from two new locations and free from any further border disruption – Brexit (although unwanted) doesn’t really affect us before suggested.

Partnerships: We are sorry but we have had to close agreements with those individuals and companies who provide post production, printing or design services to us in Scotland – we wish you all the best despite all the uncertainty that now exists with Covid as well. We will focus on developing such partnerships locally and throughout England & Wales – it’s just more simple that way, even though we worked with some excellent individuals in Scotland.

Legals & Contracts: We retain copyright on all images. Some clients have joint copyright agreements or specific arrangements agreed at commission. We will continue to manage these contracts accordingly. All our licences with clients in Scotland are subject to English law as per the terms of the contracts. We will monitor and manage such contracts accordingly. We will pursue copyright issues through our lawyers here in the West Midlands.

Ongoing Support: Should clients in Scotland need any support on existing images we will of course provide them with the service they have expected from us in the past – you are still clients, we have simply moved a litte further away. We will continue to manage you images in our image managemnet system – there are images there dating back to 11 years and are still requested. Clients in Scotland should be confident we will not delete any of your images.

For those Scottish clients who still wish to send products to us or engage us in new outsourced services to produce editorial images please feel free to call us and we will of course help as much as we can – clients are still sending us product to shoot and business is as usual to all of these individuals and businesses.