Interiors Photographer Cardiff, Honda Showroom.

Interiors Photographer Cardiff, Honda Showroom.

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Interior Photographer Cardiff

We had a challenge, capture the images of Honda’s show room in Cardiff and not do it when it’s raining. That was the instruction. Little did we think that we would have dramatic storm clouds punctuated by brilliant sunlight – at the beginning of March. The shoot for Zinc Digital was simple: to capture the interior, use of the space and the flow of people in and out of the show room – this despite all the newspaper headlines of Honda closing down its manufacturing plant that week! As it was, the show room was reasonable busy, so we were set for a shoot!

YRSCommercial, Interior Photographer Cardiff. Honda.

Architectural Photographer Perth. Showrooms & Retail. Honda. 1

Using the marque as a focus point to display the showroom.

If its possible we try and use significant features in the foreground – throwing the showroom or other larger space out of focus to create a sense of space. Commercial Interior Photography, Honda Cardiff.

Architectural Photographer Perth. Showrooms & Retail. Honda. 2

Finding the outside not wall to wall in cars.

It’s always a challenge shooting a show room as a piece of architecture from the outside… it’s always full of cars! YRSCommercial, Interiors Photographer, Cardiff.

A photo shoot Honda, Cardiff.

Architectural Photographer Perth. Showrooms & Retail. Honda. 3

The problem with many a car show room photo shoot is the cram it in mentality of the owner. If they’re not saturating every inch of the forecourt outside with steel, they do it on the inside.

So shooting a show room to show balance, symmetry, architecture and a pleasant work space can be a challenge. It’s a matter of working out the gaps in the saturated steel and effectively using any space left to express the architecture.

Architectural Photographer Perth. Showrooms & Retail. Honda. 4

Using high powered flash units is generally not on, as there is so much glass -normally everywhere and this will reflect the flash. The shoot needs to shoot the outside nicely from inside. There is of course the issues of flash glare on the vehicles – it’s not a good look.

So no flash. Your can try using a tripod to some effect, but to be honest as the show room is cram packed of expensive vehicles – it can simply get int he way – it’s value limited in cramped space. So it’s a case of hand held cameras, shot at the lowest ISO possible. Modern digital with such high rates can be ‘somewhat abused’ like this more than the older ones which anything about 1800 produced terrible grainy images.

YRSCommercial, Building Interiors Photographer Cardiff.

Architectural Photographer Perth. Showrooms & Retail. Honda. 5

Then of course we have to be careful about customers walking in and out – so it’s a ‘haul a camera bag’ time around the show room. We swap between a wide-ish angle lens when we can to a 70-300 which we capture staff working or engaging customers (from a distance!!).

All that’s left then is to capture the marque as much as possible from the vehicles to the signs.

YRSCommercial, Interior Photographer. Honda.




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