Food Photography Backgrounds

Food photography backgrounds are not only the foundation of quality images, they are pivotal to the image style and execution. It’s easy to see professional food photographs from those that ‘have a go once in a while – being professional photographers at other genres – or perhaps amateurs trying and those business owners attempting to create images cheaply. The backgrounds scream quality… or shall we say not.

The same is for the props that then sit on the background – why not have real aged props rather than nipping out to Tescos for as cheap cutting board? Images are now vital to all food businesses and hospitality – they always were, they have just become even more important, which means as a business owner, you really no longer have a choice, sorry.

So as a buyer, when you’re looking for food photography, as part of your ‘buying approach’ ask and critique not only their photography skills but the photographer’s approach to props and backgrounds.

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Food Photography Backgrounds
YRSFood make all their own backgrounds either by distressing timber or buying tile sets. This not only brings a natural finish to the backgrounds of our food photography, including textures, colours and aging that boosts the artisan feel of the image, clients products and the editorial composition.
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