Food Photographer, The Winery Burton on Trent.

Food Photographer, The Winery Burton on Trent.

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Hospitality Photographer Burton on Trent

A stunning restaurant in the centre of Burton on Trent. Fine food, exotic wine bar and calm peaceful dinning areas… Oh yes, there’s always the terraces outside to eat alfresco! YRSCommercial were contacted by the owner to help with the creation of menu images and those of the restaurant and cocktail bar interiors for a new impending website. These were to be the signature images for the site, as they had a few from a past professional shoot that were to be used as content fills only – the past shoot failing to provide the profile images they needed for the new site.

YRSCommercial, Restaurant Photography Burton on Trent. The Winery Burton on Trent.

Food Photographer Burton on Trent. Restaurant & menu. The Winery. 1

Fine dining that comes with stunning deserts, we shot a range of options.

From ice creams to sweet, freshly baked cakes and tarts, the freshest of fruit dressings and careful use of sweet juices. Not only cold options but hot ones too. All presented beautifully on a range of stoneware. Restaurant Photography, The Winery, Burton on Trent.

Food Photographer Burton on Trent. Restaurant & menu. The Winery. 2

We had fun shooting fantastic bar meals as well as fine dining.

The menu range shot on the day was extraordinary – from creative bar meal options that oozed quality ingredients to the finest of dishes including lobster. Who said bar meals were for the bar… Not anymore! YRSCommercial, Restaurant Photographer, Burton on Trent.

A photo shoot in the Winery, Burton on Trent

Food Photographer Burton on Trent. Restaurant & menu. The Winery. 3

The shoot was essentially broken down into two parts – to work around chef’s preparation time and also the impending service period which started to become heavy around 12.30pm. We had a request to shoot the outside first as they had brought in the gardeners to straighten the entrance, including bringing in box hedge displays and flowers. Then through to the interiors. The building is a mixture of old and new, the old small windows the new vast sheets of glass – quite striking differences in each of the sections of the restaurant – so approaches to lighting had to be altered to accommodate the colour saturation of the cocktail bar, the dark edges of the restaurant in the older parts of the building where windows were small and then the light and airy feel of the final dining room with its lofty ceiling.


From the interior shoot, we moved to a room set aside for the food shoot. It seemed OK to the owner but the immediate issue for the shoot was lighting contrast – full sun outside streaming into the window made the light harsh it cascaded into the very dark stone walled room – so we had to diffuse the light using a portable screens and move the preparation tables some 15 feet from the window! Then re-balance using low intensity continuous lighting, colour balanced against the sunlight. From here on, chef brought in the dishes – each totally different in style and shape / form, so the shoot rig essentially changed every time – some side shot, some vertical others on specific ingredients in the dish itself.

YRSCommercial, Restaurant Photographer Burton on Trent.

Food Photographer Burton on Trent. Restaurant & menu. The Winery. 4

Key to the menu shoot was to create a single theme – not one for the fine dinning and one for bar meals for example. So we went from very exotic looking burger meals to lobster and deserts that required a lot of self control by the team. Then to cocktails… which on a very warm day were a little too attractive at lunch-time!

A heavy morning shooting in a gem of a restaurant right in the centre of Burton on Trent.

YRSCommercial, Restaurant & Hospitality Photographer. The Winery Burton on Trent.



YRSCommercial. Commercial Photographer

YRSCommercial, Burton on Trent Restaurant PHOTOGRAPHY.

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YRSCommercial. Burton on Trent Restaurant PHOTOGRAPHER.

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