Food Photographer. Baked Goods. Middleton Foods.

Food Photographer. Baked Goods. Middleton Foods.

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Food Photographer Wolverhampton

One of the UK’s largest ready mix batter and cake powder products, we never realised how many bakeries use Middletons pre-made products to then go on a create their own – whether wholesale baked goods and with common household kitchen name or those how profess to be ‘artisan’! 

And as for chip shops, Middleton’s is renowned for its fish batter mix – yes the length and breadth of the UK. So when the call came in, we were someone humbled by the attention from such a successful business in the West Midlands – or more importantly a Willenhall, company where some in the studio originate from!

YRSFood, Food Photography Wolverhampton, Middletons.

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The thing with food styling is focus… focus, focus, focus! Keep it simple, try & reflect the proposition and brand promise.. But keep it simple.

There is always a temptation to try and over work an image… it’s the same problem to manage whether you’re a designer in a marketing studio or a photographer in a clients new product development kitchen. Resist it, you may have loads of product, but try not to try and sell them all at once! It’s a basic sales technique that should be remembered!

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It’s not often we clip food product when out of packaging to a white background. Why? Well it rarely has a nice smooth edge, so when you cut it out, it can look like you’ve used a hatchet!

Smooth it though during the clipping process and you get a false looking image. The Answer, clip to packaging or style the image properly.
YRSFood, Food Photographer, Wolverhampton.

A photo shoot in Middletons, Willenhall, Wolverhampton.

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A simple brief that grew legs so to speak on the day. – creative images were needed for a backdrop – an exhibition backdrop and it sort of needed to have everything they made or could make from their products on it… 

Now any designer let alone photographer will tell you, this is a recipe for disaster (no pun intended!)… focus, focus, focus is always king. So we had a challenge. Then of course the shape and objects in front of the backdrop complicated things further. And we mentioned ‘growing legs’… there was then also a need for education backdrops to be used by pre and post sales teams on how to use their products – events and training support and also a selection of cut out images of produced products (cakes and pastries). This arrived to the shoot as we arrived.

YRSFood, food photographer Wolverhampton.

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So, a commission that was simple… ish.  We arrived at a stunning development kitchen – and we mean huge’ with wall to wall windows on a sunny day.  So our issue was not so much a case of needing light but shutting it out.  And luck would have it that on this day in Willienhall the sun shone at it’s brightest!  Black boards on all sides and even at times on the top of the ‘booth’ we had to create, we sort of controlled the light into shafts of sunshine and then begun the prop build stage. 

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Then the issue of the background. Show the products vertically or from the side. The issue with shooting from the side was simple – ‘clutter’. Literally the list of intended products to be added to the background was huge and it grew during the discussion. For our part, we tried to first put our photographer heads on then our marketing consultancy masks to try and navigate the needs, explain the visual impacts and then simply explain it will look atterly yuk! Then as a simple process forward, we began to build an image infront of them – agreeing some product, rejecting others around a basic core of products that we essential. The issue – making it all look relevant – Yorkshire pudding with Chocolate chip cup cakes… just try that one yourself!

Normally we prefer to do this ‘creativity chaos’ with pens and paper in front of the client – explaining composition and balancing this against proposition and promotion. On this case, we did it real time!

YRSFood, food photographer Wolverhampton.

Food Photographer Wolverhampton. Baked Goods. Middletons. 6

It’s nice to hear words like ‘wow’ or phrases like ‘ this is how we should be doing all our work’… Quite gratifying but to be honest terrifying on the day! Then it was a case of moving to the education pop-up backdrops. By now we didn’t have the huge list, just simple focus and the styling becomes much simpler, it’s amazing how quickly ideas flourish once the ‘basic workflow ideas’ are understood. The last part, cut out images. Now if we had know before hand… we’d have brought the appropriate rigs… But get there we did..

YRSFood, food photographer Wolverhampton.



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