Birmingham Food Photographer, Ciao Bella

Birmingham Food Photographer, Ciao Bella

15th April 2021 Off By YRSMarketing

A new business in Birmingham, Selly Oak, opening just short of the end of the lockdown. In fact, we have shot a lot of these types of restaurants recently, the nation must be getting its sugar rush! Vivid colours through blue ice cream, loads of Skittles as toppings and pale blue sugary crunchy bits, all played there part in the photoshoot of waffles, ice cream, milk shakes and yes, even these – non alcoholic drinks. As this was a completely new start up we even provided the glassware and ceramics for the shoot.”

Birmingham food photographer caio bella

A totally open space, as furniture had yet to arrive prior to premises launch, we were very lucky to be able to park right outside and haul all the gear in – as well as the boxes of props. Then it was a matter of the client cooking away and wheeling the product in. We shot it on a simple wipe clean white background to create a high contrast image – the colours to stand out and be prominent. We kept the styling simple – a suggestion of the ingredients or toppings.

Birmingham Food Phtographer, Ciao Bella
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Birmingham Food Phtographer, Ciao Bella
Food photography case studio for Birmingham Food Photographer YRSFood and Ciao Bella in Birmingham, Selly Oak.
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