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Twelve Triangles Bakery Edinburgh, Food Product Photography. There is a case study by YRSFood available. Simply search our case study library to access it.

YRSFood is a food specialist photographer working throughout the food chain from field to fork, creating images for menu, restaurants & hospitality, food products, food advertising and food editorial, food publishing and more recently food blog. We also offer freelance Food PR services.

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Food Photographer. Baked Goods. Twelve Triangles Bakery.

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  YRSFOOD. FOOD PHOTOGRAPHER. TWLEVE TRINAGLES BAKERY . FOOD PHOTOGRAPHER EDINBURGH. RESTAURANT PHOTOGRAPHER, EDINBURGH. FOOD PHOTOGRAPHER & FOOD STYLISTS:  TWELEVE TRIANGLES EDINBURGH.   Style: Food Photographer, Food Photography – Twelve Triangles Bakery. When is a doughnut not a doughnut? When it is an artisan doughnut and there’s one hell of a difference. Decadent, sublime and no, it’s impossible…

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