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Product Photographer Edinburgh. Home Furnishings. Dobbies Garden Centres.

Product Photographer. Home & Soft Furnishings. Dobbies Garden Centres.

Product Photographer Edinburgh Not to put too finer point on this - we gained muscle on this shoot, despite the fabulous help of a dedicated member of Dobbies warehouse team.  We shot over 120 garden furniture sets in three days...  That's fetching the furniture from somewhere in the warehouse,  setting the furniture up, shooting the

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Product Photographer Edinburgh. Bags & Cases. Ness Bags. C1

Product Photographer. Textiles & Fashion. Ness Handbags

Product Photographer Edinburgh It's nice to work with products that simply express their quality of build and design without us having to - shall we say, improve it!  As with so many of our fashion product commissions, these resulted in a debate within the studio team of which colours they liked, shoulder strap or not

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