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The Winery Burton on Trent

Food Photographer, The Winery Burton on Trent.

Hospitality Photographer Burton on Trent A stunning restaurant in the centre of Burton on Trent. Fine food, exotic wine bar and calm peaceful dinning areas... Oh yes, there's always the terraces outside to eat alfresco! YRSCommercial were contacted by the owner to help with the creation of menu images and those of the restaurant and

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YRSCommercial, Restaurant Photography Stafford

Stafford Restaurant Photographer. Viceroy Restaurant.

Restaurant Photographer Stafford It is rare that a restaurant wants to move a little away from their own brand to show food purely at its best. Normally, restaurant owners wish us to shoot on their table cloths, using their flatware, their ceramics and if we can insert a branded napkin... or base the shoot on

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YRSFood-Restaurant Food Photographer, Royal Hotel Tain.

Restaurant Food Photographer. Royal Hotel & Restaurant.

Restaurant Food Photographer Inverness A Mayfair chef , a creative chef with a passion for taste above all else. We were quite excited about going to this - what would he do with the menu in the restaurant? We were asked to shoot dishes from a new menu created by a chef who had just

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Redpoppy Restaurant Inverness

Restaurant Food Photographer. RedPoppy Restaurant.

Restaurant Photographer Inverness After a major refurbishment and move, the RedPoppy restaurant celebrated the work coming to an end with a food and hospitality photo shoot - a full staff, interior photography shoot and then of course one of the menu. They have a highly talented chef here at the restaurant, creative in plate design

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