Restaurant & Menu Photography, Café Nero. Zinc Digital

Restaurant Photography. Cafe Nero. Zinc Digital


Restaurant Photography. Cafe Nero. Zinc Digital
Restaurant Photography. Cafe Nero. Zinc Digital. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

Menu & Restaurant Photographer, Food & Beverage Photography – Café Nero.

A very busy city centre coffee shop was the scene for a simply shoot of capturing the premise in ‘action’ so to speak.  From customer interactions whilst drinking their favorite cuppa to the hectic life of staff behind the coffee bar.  Far from the subdued life of ‘Friends’ this was an exhausting speed of service, large orders hitting the bar with a friendly response and absolute politeness.  Unlike our usual approach, now big studio lights and no chance of a set-up with models – this was all taken on the fly with the selective us of a flash gun to occasionally light up the darker shadows of the coffee house.


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