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Restaurant Photography. Capturing the process of enjoying food.


Restaurant Photographer. YRSFood.
Restaurant Photographer. YRSFood. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

This area of restaurant photography – menu and furnishings – is very quickly moving to Facebook captured images by many restaurant owners – and it should do, as hiring a photographer all the while is impossible! People enjoying your establishment should be captured real-time and with real people. The only problem though,  is that some of the images may be of poor quality due to lighting or the consumption of a few drinks! This doesn’t sell your business.

So many restaurants are coming to a simple conclusion that there’s also a need for the restaurant website – yes, we are going full circle again. The website has the professional images, the menu images, the establishment images and this is then linked to the ‘real-time’ show your Facebook page offers. Why do this? Easy, one place – the website- sells your business and Facebook or Twitter sells the experience that many of your clients may have.

Now creating professional images of your menu doesn’t cost a fortune as is often thought. It does require a little

Interiors Photographer Inverness. Beefeater Restaurant Group.
Restaurant Photographer. Beefeater Restaurant Group. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

planning though to understand the images you wish to show – a standard set that rarely changes or perhaps a selection of seasonal images that lets you as the restaurant owner, change the website appearance. Don’t forget you can then use these images to promote your menu on your Facebook page – so the use of creative professional imagery becomes integrated throughout your online presence – jargon yes… or common sense?


Restaurant Photographer Edinburgh. Moriarty
Restaurant Photographer. Moriarty (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

But let’s not limit the shoot to just the plate… what about the establishment. Having just looked at a local restaurant using Facebook – sorry I looked elsewhere – dark dingy table shots with only the forth coming meal in mind.

So again in your website,  sell your investment, let your Facebook continue to sell the experience – you spend thousands on furnishings – so lets get a professional image to help recover some of that investment back into your business and demonstrate chef’s skill and creativeness.

Menu Photography. Viceroy Restaurant.
Menu Photography. Viceroy Restaurant. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)


Menu Photographer Edinburgh
Menu Photographer Indigo Hotel Group.  (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

Lastly – you want to show staff skills beyond your Facebook images – serving meals, preparing food in a less chaotic environment that will exist when the covers are full. Again, get professional images to show their skills and care that exists from the front of house to the kitchen.

This collection is called an image library and we do them for restaurants providing a wide selection of images to be used when a selfie just isn’t going to do the menu or establishment justice. Simple packages, transparent ‘fixed priced’ photography that makes your establishment look stunning!


About YRSFood

YRSFood (Your Reflection Studio) is a commercial photography studio and specialising in product and food images, based in the West Midlands and Scotland and working throughout the United Kingdom. We work with businesses, producers, restaurants, media, designers and property owners, creating images for commercial, editorial, promotional, business and industrial needs, as-well-as for media and agencies and marketing designers all over the UK.


YRSFood.  Food, Menu and Restaurant Photography Studio.

YRSCommercial, the Nantwich Food photography studio.

YRSFood (Your Reflection Studio) is based in the Midlands, working throughout Nantwich region. We work with business, media and editors, creating images of  food, menus and packaging all over the UK.

YRSFood (Your Reflecton Studio), Nantwich Food Photographer.

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