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Restaurant Photographer Edinburgh. Moriarty
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Interiors Photographer Edinburgh. Moriarty.

Style: Interior Photographer, Interior Photography – Moriarty, Edinburgh

A tardis of a place – you walk in through traditional wood frame frontage on the busy Edinburgh street into a cavern of a whiskey bar over two floors. Each floor has a completely different styling – both incredibly comfortable for a relaxed drink or function. Upstairs – a contemporary style yet it embraces a traditional gentleman’s club feel about it – tartan fabrics, rich paper wall coverings yet at the front by the long windows a feel of a continental coffee bar… And then these is downstairs with a completely different feeling – similar to a London cellar bar in the 1960s with stunning black flock wall paper, rich orange tones and black/chrome bar finish.   We were asked in by the owners to do two of his bars – one simply the rooms themselves the other the menu as well. On this occasion for Mortiarty, we had simply the challenge of the mood lighting. Lots of little downlighters down stairs created the stunning ambiance – so using flash was well out of the question as it would turn the room lighting white – and the downlighters are all yellow. Upstairs the opposite effect. We were doing the shoot in the mid morning – probably better in winter when its dull next time and not summer as at one end of the bar it was dark and at the other with the coffee style area – stunning sunlight. As two scenes shot separately it does look right and as one scene you have a gradient in lighting change from soft orange downlighters to stunning Edinburgh sunshine. But we coped – lots of long exposures and careful angles used to create the roomscape images. As for the cocktails and huge selection of whiskey – well all I can say is Mike the manager is a genius at a cocktail!


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