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Property Photographer, Interior Photographer Inverness – client: Wildside Highland Lodges. 

Yes, a little on the wild side – we often hear that about the South-side of Loch Ness, quiet, peaceful and in the heart of the mountains – and that’s why we put the studio over there as well! About half way along the south side of Loch Ness, you will find the hamlet of Whitebridge – named after its white bridge built by General Wade. To the side of the bridge is a fantastic holiday park of exclusive lodges. Fine furnishing, loads of space for private evenings and a standard few ever offer if you would like to holiday in an executive log cabin lodge.

Property Photographer INverness Wildside Lodges Whitebridge
Property Photographer Inverness Wildside Lodges Whitebridge


We were asked originally along to produce property and interior images in 2011 for a wholesale up grade of their website – their past images a mixture of their own and stock images or Flickr.  The owner wanted consistency in the images – to make the website look a lot smarter.  As it is, we have now been back a number of times as and when decoration upgrades have taken place, when hot tubs have been added and when new kitchens or furniture has been invested in. Again consistency of image and style was absolutely required.  To do this we work from a shoot plan – yes, we make one either following an initial site visit of very quickly when we arrive.  This site plan is then typed up / digitally drawn up with measurements and notes so if we ever have to go back we have a way to replicate the conditions of the shoot.  This means our shoots take a little longer than most generalist photographers who turn up with a flash on their camera.  We don’t have a stroll around your property, we build a shoot plan and the create images from this workflow.

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