Product Photography. Textiles & Fashion. Ness Handbags


Product Photographer. Textile and fashion. Ness Handbags.
Product Photographer. Textile and fashion. Ness Handbags. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

Product Photographer, textiles & fashion.  Ness Handbags.

It’s nice to work with products that simply express their quality of build and design without us having to – shall we say, improve it!  As with so many of our fashion product commissions, these resulted in a debate within the studio team of which colours they liked, shoulder strap or not that sort of thing!  Overall, though they loved all of them.

Again a sudden request commission to shoot a wide range of these products by the retailer Dobbies.  They had taken the line on and wished to promote the range through extensive email campaigns and press as well as in store promotions.  As a product Ness bags are a delight to shoot – yes, no reflections to worry about!  All that is key here is the different colours and making sure they stand out clearly in the image, like they do in the product’s weave.

Clipped and clipped to shadow the shoot was actually conducted onsite – yes, we had taken an entire product studio down, set it up in a spare room and shot and delivered the images to marketing within just three days – a long with the other lines we were shooting that day.


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