Product Photography, Handbags & Hats. Cub Bag.

Product Photographer Inverness. Cub Bag.


Product Photographer, Product Photography. Client: Cubbag new product launch.

Product Photographer Inverness. Cub Bag.
Product Photographer Inverness. Cub Bag. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

It’s great to have clients that keep coming back time after time and year after year. No, we’re not talking just about the revenue here but the fact that someone relies on you to do a good product photography job for them and then trusts you to do the product photography without question over and over again throughout the years. It’s even more satisfying when the client in question was a start up business and you’ve watched them grow into a huge success – like Cubbag. On this the second product photography shoot already this year we were asked to prepare images for a new package launch – new bags, baby cups, purses and logo changes. The owner knows we explore the products for them technically in our shoots, so this is of huge use to them – demonstrating the attention to detail by their production process and of course product design. So often the brief is very simple a rough guide and then they let us explore the product within that loose outline brief. And turnaround for the product photography? Well we collect the products and then return them back to Cubbag as part of the service we offer but all the product images were shot, processed and delivered to a personalized Dropbbox folder online in 72 hours – this despite the work being fitted into to a huge programme of works for other clients in the studio. Busy time for the studio staff but image quality was not be relinquished – from product photography to image clipping and post production services.

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