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Product Photographer Inverness Cub Bags


Style: Product Photographer, Product Photography. Client: Cub Bag.

An impressive line of baby care products – high value and fashionable getting rave reviews throughout the maternity press and, yes, the Sunday broadsheets! The Cub Bag, – its design origins stem back to the owner’s experience in South America and the idea was spawned – a maternity bag with a difference, in faux suede – a touch of luxury, in a range of colours from teal to chilli red.


Product Photographer Inverness Cub Bags
Product Photographer Inverness Cub Bags. Copyright Protected. Watermarked. IP Monitored.


Normally the business owner for Cub Bags used a London photographer to get all her product photography done – he’d already done some extremely nice model photography for her, using the  lady who is now the face of Boots Co.  A very London centric feel to the images – they show the versatility of the bag – not only a carry all, but also a feeding pillow and infant carrier – the works!  She wanted, however, a local but professional product photographer for her product work – volume driven and needing a consistent approach – so she approach ourselves – YRSCommercial.  Key to this issue was not so much photography but styling – we had to pad out the bags just enough to show shape however not too much as the bag need to show fabric movement – the softness of the bag when used as a feeding pillow.  So we had to step a little back from our usual approach to sports bags and carrier that we have shot before the are stuffed to the brim to show shape!  Then we have the lighting – now suede is beautiful to touch but you have to be very careful when lighting it – it patches as the nap moves one way or the other. Other than that a great shoot – clipped for the client to white but also with simple white wainscot backgrounds as well – typical country cottage styling suitable for the main Sunday broadsheets the owners was having great PR with.


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