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Product Photographer Inverness Aromantic Soaps



Style: Product Photographer, Product Photography.  Client: Aromantic Limited.


Whilst we are asked regularly to improve on simple high key images for clients – taking a more life style or advertising approach to their product – we are also asked by many clients to shoot their products to high key (or white backgrounds).   Some products work better than others in this format – a more natural setting sometimes and less clinical shows the product off better. But with the influence of ebay and Amazon many clients now reach for this format first.  Lighting is as ever, key to the finished image – look to labels and bottle caps to see if the product was properly set up for the shoot – dirty grey whites or even ‘blown’ labels (where the white is too bright) are all give-a-ways to poor photography setting up.

Product Photographer Inverness Aromantic Soaps
Product Photographer Inverness Aromantic Soaps (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)


  For the exquisite soaps now being produced by Aromantic, we were asked to create lifestyle image initially – something to set the scene and also meet the brand promise and proposition.  We were then asked to more product photography and create high key images for the entire range including collections.  Everyone thinks soaps are easy – which is why so many at first try to shoot them by themselves when the make them – to only find that it’s not so easy…

There is often a sheen to deal with on the surface of the soaps, many become translucent when combined with continuous lighting, then you have the shape and form of the soaps – hand made ones look nice on the shelf but can look poor when photographed – so we had to go through many to get the best shape and form.

Then you have the consideration of addition hints of ingredients or simply keeping them isolated on the white background.  This we approached in our usual workflow that we have in the studio through and apply to many ‘craft’ products.  Finally, we focused then o key features – in this case thestunning tops to the soaps and of course the new branding and labelling of Aromantic.  Not quite as simple as people think but all manageable through the systems here as we then moved the products into the post production stage and clipping – knowing the labels where clear and white – the composition fresh looking and white balanced.

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Your Reflection Studio, Commercial Photography.
Your Reflection Studio, Commercial Photography.

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