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Product Photographer. Industrial Products. Holland Engineering.


Product Photographer, Industrial Photography – Holland Engineering.

Product Photographer. Industrial Products. Holland Engineering.
Product Photographer. Industrial Products. Holland Engineering. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

Marine pressure driven optical devices…. even the description sounds exciting.  Holland Engineering create specialist optical and lighting units that go down in pressure chambers deep under the surface of the sea – and you can tell we like engineering clients nearly as much as food clients, can’t you – the complexity of the solution they create to a problem is quiet fascinating.

The only problem we normally find, is an engineer’s colour choice!  Why is it that engineering products are either shinny chrome or black – looks stunning yes but when it comes to product photography, which doesn’t have the luxury of press or corporate image flexibility in that no reflections are allowed and colour management has to be perfect.

Well on this occasion the shoot was held in the tooling centre next to huge computer driven lathes, we had to manage the lighting for the shoot as well as the lighting in the workplace, which as you can imagine is health and safety conscious.  Much of the product shoot was standard shape and form driven photography – square on, off centre from the top etc. and sides.  The rest, however, was tube driven – tube extensions to let the camera explore more deeply into the circuitry, engineering parts etc.  Now EOS 1’s and the 5DS’ that we use are stunning bodies in their own right.  But place tubes on the front and they sort of, well, loose-it…  The complex metering, focusing systems built into the bodies seems to just fall apart – one minute OK the next way off.  Then you have the issue of where the object is and your client wants it moving slightly, which results in you having to find it all over again with the tubes on, as the narrow focal length throws everything west.  But we managed it, it just took a little longer than normal.


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