Product Photography. Home & Soft Furnishings. Dobbies Garden Centres.

Product Photographer. Home & Soft Furnishings. Dobbies Spring Collection.
Product Photographer. Home & Soft Furnishings. Dobbies Spring Collection.
Product Photographer. Home & Soft Furnishings. Dobbies Spring Collection. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

Product Photographer, Product Photography – Dobbies Garden Centre, Home Furnishings Spring.

Spring was in the air… well it was when we were asked in to shoot a new and very wide range of products for Dobbies’ Spring range. And when we say wide we do mean that, from plants and indoor flower arrangements to ceramics like these.

We even shot a duck… well photographed a 25mm high easter chick actually!

As usual, we worked within the Dobbies buildings this time Lasswade – we seem to have set the standard now when it comes to doing product photography internally for Dobbies – why ship it when YRSCommercial can work essentially anywhere…

We’ve worked in their mock shop, three different warehouses, three types of store room and the boardroom! A bit like the circus arriving, the screens, studio lights, computer systems, backdrops and prop supports all roll into the building from the 4x4s. There’s set-up time and then we’re off shooting product. The nice thing for the client is no shipping costs, no accidents in transit that can occur and more importantly for retailers rapid turn over during the product shoot. You see many of the products we shoot for retailers are essentially on loan – proof items sent to the buyers by manufacturers world-wide.

So when orders are made, real shipments are sent – but the original pilot goods then have to be returned asap. Now if your shipping them to a studio somewhere in the UK, well that takes time. This way, as we shoot it, view it digitally in front of the client, they can the collect the item that very second and if necessary ship it back home to wherever the manufacturer is.

So why do YRSCommercial shoot this way onsite? It makes sense for our clients. Yes, you need a van or big car, yes you need to be reasonably fit (although if a picture of the individual involved where here you’d question that…) and yes you need to invest – and keep investing in remote site gear. But our clients need it and now demand it more and more. We’re happy to oblige!


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