Product Photography. Home & Garden. Dobbies Garden Centres.

Product Photographer. Home 7 Garden. Dobbies Garden Centres.
Product Photographer. Home 7 Garden. Dobbies Garden Centres.
Product Photographer. Home & Garden. Dobbies Garden Centres. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

Product Photographer, Product Photography – Dobbies Garden Centre, Home & Garden.

Not to put too finer point on this – we gained muscle on this shoot, despite the fabulous help of a dedicated member of Dobbies warehouse team.  We shot over 120 garden furniture sets in three days…  That’s fetching the furniture from somewhere in the warehouse,  setting the furniture up, shooting the furniture, collecting the furniture and putting it back from where we got it from and the longer the day went on the longer the distances felt.  Cast iron is not our favourite furniture material at the moment!

To compound this shoot’s complexity further – it was shot in a warehouse.  Warehouses ‘sap’ studio lights to a candle – so we had 10… the studio backdrop was white and 5 meters long and then not long enough so it had to be rebuilt onsite to 10 meters…  Then you have glass tops – even though we were not warned…. White causes glare, so we had to come up with a way to stop the reflection on rattan surfaces with glass covers and the rattan was all different colours…  Then there was the nice shinny black contemporary stuff.  Now that really liked all the white background! All on the fly, as and when the product arrived into the mock studio.

So a huge set up was created and managed, the floor continually replaced due to foot fall marks and then the final issue.  The roof of the warehouse only 12 meters high had sky light panels – all nicely reflecting on any surface it could find!  It also changed the colour of the umbrellas as the sunshine shafted in at different places throughout the shoot.  But as you can see, we managed it.  Shot tethered all the images were checked, light bounces used, colour curtains used to manage reflections, scrims used to manage sheen.  And all done in 3 days.  Beer time!


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