Product Photographer. Textile and fashion. Cathleen Nicol.

Product Photography. Textiles & fashion. Cathleen Nicol.


Product Photographer, Textile & Fashion. Cathleen Nicol


Product Photography. Textiles & fashion. Cathleen Nicol.
Product Photography. Textiles & fashion. Cathleen Nicol. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

An urgent call from the UAE, need to shoot a new range of products to e-commerce and press standard within 72 hours – that’s shot, clipped and delivered electronically…  this whilst the studio is at 120% capacity but we like a challenge and shall we say being a couple of studios managed and driven by ladies, well the product sort of appealed.  So off we shot to collect over 3000 ukp worth of handbags.

The shoot was a simple one – managing reflections from the various shinny fabrics, detail shots to show the quality of construction and as we have the product benches in constant use, we slotted the product line into the workflow – not a problem.  The team then clipped to shadow and clipped again for total image cutouts for press use.

The issue on this shoot, as with most fashion products we are commission for, was keeping the ladies focused!  Sorry but yes, why do these commissions need a full discussion of which one they like and when they would wear it… come on!


By the way the outcome of the two hours of chat was that the red clutch bags were a big hit with them, although they rather liked the black ones for a night out… How we got back onto the other products we were shoot that day is still a mystery to me!


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