Food & Food Product Photographer. Maharishi Ayurveda.

Product Photographer Manchester Maharishi Ayurveda


Product Photography, Product Photographer, eCommerce Photographer, high key photography.

Product Photography, Product Photographer, eCommerce Photographer, high key photography.

Some of the nicest product photography our agency has ever seen…  this is how we left our last commission with Maharishi Ayurveda, a specialist on-line product supplier whose products are based upon  Ayurveda ancient recipes and operate out of a business location Skelmersdale yet their products and customers are international.  These products range from food ingredients through to food supplements, cosmetics and even food spices.  Last year they used an alternative product photography studio to ourselves (prior to knowing of us that is…) for the basic product photography work – using ourselves for the more artistic and creative advertising images later in the development of their website.  This year, they have come to us to start a refresh of these images and also to add their new range of products – Chyavanprash.

Product Photographer Manchester Maharishi Ayurveda
Product Photographer Manchester Maharishi Ayurveda. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored).


About the product photography shoot

 As most will find if they read enough posts on this YRS case study blog, we think lighting is now more crucial than even.  It was important in photography before but now it has become critical as digital technology in the camera base unit tries to make all easy and just a click of a button with high ISOs. This can lead to flat images with muddy or sludgy colours,  when it comes to product work as the detail of the product is lost in the image through low lighting, image noise and a poor spectrum of colour – even if it is brushed aluminium.Key to cylinders by the way is the use of black side cheeks – a trick from bottle photography and let’s not forget the need to keep colours saturated and manage their luminescence.  But most important is colour balance – something every client can do at a glance.


White should be white – especially around labels, caps or lids… not dirty grey or cream.  This is a real issue when poor product photography takes place – if you see a dirty grey (not pure white)  label on the product and the background is white – all that has happened is that a poor quality image has been clipped and stuck on a white background – not good product photography at all.  Now we clip to white ourselves – yes – but in the raw image the background always shot as pure white, clipping is only a final stage of finishing to remove any defects in the background such as creases in the background cloth/paper.  Nothing else.  How do we get pure white at raw stage – by properly taking the time to set up the bench or studio to create a white background.  This means a perfect image is controlled within the white space when clipped – white labels, balanced colours which are vibrant and not sludgy in tone.

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Manchester Product Photographer. Maharishi Ayurveda.


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