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Product and Packaging Photographer, Inverness. Supernatural


Super!Natural energy drink, a case study for Food product, packaging and advertising photography.

We were asked by the owners of the Super!Natural drink to pop in and create their first set of product, packaging and advertising images for a promotional launch and general sales drive push.  Few images existed before hand other than press snaps so this was a big product photography shoot for the owners based in Inverness. We proposed the idea of ingredients based images and that we should also position it more as a cocktail type exotic drink through differing types of images.


We started with the more traditional images and then, we tried the more exotic. The key issue with the product was the container.  It is supposed to be white, but the colour has a slight touch of grey to it through the production process adopted.  So all the images had to be adjusted and the lighting deliberately over exposed to achieve the right white balance.  This meant adjusting the logo and other colours to the front.  As for the more exotic images we had great fun pouring the drink into a range of glasses until we settled for a simple shot glass – it makes the can look larger!  As for the coctail images – we shot blue strobes with barn doors to the back of the image and across the can slightly to give it a night-club effect.We saw this image literally everywhere at one point from adverts in the local press to leaflets in the theatre.

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Your Reflection Studio, Commercial Photography.

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