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Product Photographer Inverness Shona Macgillivray Design


Style: Product Photographer, Product Photography.  Client: Shona MacGillivray Design.

An interesting product photography commission to create a range of simple product and ecommerce images for the product range created by the designer Shona MacGillivray.  We were also asked to create a series of lifestyle images showing the creation of the designs as well as abstract use.

Product Photographer Inverness Shona Macgillivray Design
Product Photographer Inverness Shona Macgillivray Design (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored).

The issue for the ecommerce work was a simple one – lots of white card and white frames – so how to show it’s white but not ‘blowing’ it so that it cannot be seen.  Also the issue that most whites in print and frames are not in fact white – so how to resist the urge to make them white… and so on!  To help Shona MacGillivray out, rather than shoot this in the studio – we did it all in her living room, bringing the studio to her.

As for the designing and lifestyle images – we created a lighting environment that resembled the draftsman or artist’s table – secluded lighting showing the design always central to the image the applying artist materials and objects of inspiration around the edge.  To cap it off, we adjusted the angle as if you had you he to the side of the table looking a long the image rather than just downwards.  We use scrims and blocks to create deep shadows and a narrow focal length to create blur beyond the central design.  Great fun all round.


Keywords: Product photographer, Packaging photographer, Ecommerce photographer.

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Your Reflection Studio, Commercial Photography.
Your Reflection Studio, Commercial Photography.

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