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Product Photographer Inverness Eleanor Parott Fine Art
Product Photographer Inverness Eleanor Parott Fine Art. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored).

Style: Product Photographer, Product Photography.  Client:  Eleanor Parrott Fine Art.

It’s nice to work with other artists – they have an attention to detail that is always a challenge as they look upon their own work and then try to visualise it through another medium – in this case acrylics through the lens of a camera.  Eleanor Parrot, a very talented artist and home furnishing designer was commissioned to do this portrait from a photograph – the gentleman having help those surviving the sinking of the Titanic.  Loads of history, she had used a restrictive colour pallet to bring out the age of the image and the colours associate with stormy seas.  We were asked along to take a high resolution images of her work, so that she could create fine art prints.  Like with all fine art that is not watercolour – the key issue is sheen – no flashing from the oils or acrylics allowed so our continuous lighting units with grills still had to be careful arranged so that a uniform colour was achieved yet the colours and exposure kept crisp and vibrant – normally to do this we need lots of light.  As for Eleanor’s other works – a fantastic range of home furnishings in tweed with raised images of Scotland’s wildlife!


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Your Reflection Studio, Commercial Photography.
Your Reflection Studio, Commercial Photography.

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