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Product Photographer Inverness Aromantic Soaps

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It’s nice to work with products that are mean’t to be a bit of luxury and indeed are luxury – no marketing spin, just pure quality.  We were asked to do a product photography shoot for Aromantic – an old client which we have had many opportunities to work with – to shoot a range of new products – ready made soaps.

Product Photographer Inverness Aromantic Soaps
Product Photographer Inverness Aromantic Soaps. Copyright Protected. Watermarked. IP Monitored.

Now we say ‘ready made’ – its quite a shift for Aromantic as they sell ingredients to make products such as this.  So this is a new range and a new venture.  Each of the soaps had a very specific quality about the – some decorated exquisitely in blues, greens and gold.  And as for the scents – amazing.  The product photography shoot was a two fold work flow – ecommerce high key photography and then advertising and promotional images.  The high key product images were simply briefed and we shot not only the individual soaps and the range but also the soap loaves – yes the huge blocks of soap read for cutting.  As for the advertising – we were given a free hand for style and composition – the only thing that one of the images needed to have a Christmas feel about it – Victorian not trashy or bling!


We started with the backgrounds – working with a colour pallet of deep crimson crackled effect – very old paint as would have been found in a novel from Dickens.  We used the Craig & Rose range of emulsions to get the crimson – their colours are very saturated and the powder finish is stunning when we distress it and the crackle it to give a very old world feel.  Props – we went for crushed silk for the ladies range of soaps and random golden objects – like so often found on dressing tables.  For the chaps – we kept it simple… well its what we do eh!  Key to the style was elegance and premium – these soaps are not being sold in the volume market and the images had to represent this brand promise.   For Christmas, wooden ornaments – again as if placed on a ladies dressing table – perhaps she was dressing a tree in her room… we’ll never know!


Lighting – we went for a combination of deep shadow and signature light from the far corner to increase the shadows – we added a deep yellow fit to the bulbs to make the colours become even more saturated.  And now, we didn’t go with the idea of using twinkle lights…. we just couldn’t find any very simple traditional ones we liked.

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