Product Photographer. Industrial & Engineering. Holland Engineering.

Product Photographer. Industrial & Engineering. Holland Engineering.

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Product Photographer Inverness

Marine pressure driven optical devices…. even the description sounds exciting.  Holland Engineering create specialist optical and lighting units that go down in pressure chambers deep under the surface of the sea – and you can tell we like engineering clients nearly as much as food clients, can’t you – the complexity of the solution they create to a problem is utterly fascinating. The only problem we normally find, is an engineer’s colour choice!

YRSCommercial, Product Photographer Inverness, NR Engineering.

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When shooting industrial product you always have to remember its going to be an industrial buyer. They look at the object differently.

Sounds silly but it’s true. they can be looking for a specific piece of technology, a specification in design that sort of thing. So if you get to ‘creative’ with the image they switch off and ask for a schematic!

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It’s not always easy but we try and shoot the important features as a buyer would look for them. So you need to tell us.

It ceases to surprise us by the same reaction of shock and pensive thought each time we ask the same question. Can you write down the list of key features a buyer wants to see so we can photograph them – not just the object. Seems they only think we shoot the packets! YRSCommercial, Product Photographer Inverness.

A photo shoot for NR Engineering Inverness.

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When we first did this some ten years ago, we were met with a little hostility from the PR and marketing agencies. They liked the trip to the studio (and the coffee), they liked all the process the excitement of it. The shipping of 400 or more products to arrive and then be shot, only to sit to the back of the studio after a while answering emails! Cynical, sorry but after 30 years both agency and client side in senior executive roles… well I’ve done it let alone seen it!

The thing is we bring the studio environment now to the client who may be in an office – they may be in a warehouse, it simply doesn’t matter. They can take the time to think through the products. They can have a last minute panic on the shoot day even – before we arrive or during it and no shipping worries. We’ve had clients jump in cars and scream it down motorways because a product was missed – it’s mad, sorry totally mad! So the studio comes to you.

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As a client you can still oversea the shoot, but in your own premises. You can even invite the agency, nothing has changed, only the location and as client you in more control. no missing items, no breakages, no ups…


Why is it that engineering products are either shinny chrome or black – looks stunning yes but when it comes to product photography it can be a nightmare. You see product photography doesn’t have the luxury of press or corporate image flexibility in that no reflections are allowed and colour management has to be perfect. Which I suppose is why its not easy and should be done professionally.

Well on this occasion the shoot was held in the tooling centre next to huge computer driven lathes, we had to manage the lighting for the shoot as well as the lighting in the workplace, which as you can imagine is health and safety conscious.

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Much of the product shoot was standard shape and form driven photography – square on, off centre from the top etc. and sides.  The rest, however, was tube driven – tube extensions to let the camera explore more deeply into the circuitry, engineering parts etc.  This takes complex metering, careful manual focusing and good navigation of the product.  Then you have the issue of where the object is and your client wants it moving slightly, which results in you having to find it all over again with the tubes on, as the narrow focal length throws everything west.  But we managed it, it just took a little longer than normal. Then there is the feature list – yes all the items a buyer would look for… each product should have one and we shoot the features in order so any further datasheets or buying materials can be created.

YRSCommercial, Product photographer Inverness.

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Once the shoot was complete the images were then poured into the post production system and clipped, colour adjusted and where necessary cleaned up due to sheen or perhaps reflections. The images then returned in about three days.

YRSCommercial, Product Photographer Inverness, NR Engineering.



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Product Photographer Inverness. Industrial & Engineering. Holland Engineering.
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Product Photographer Inverness. Industrial & Engineering. Holland Engineering.
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