Product Photographer. Home Furnishings. Dobbies Garden Centre.

Product Photographer Edinburgh. Dobbies Home Furnishings


Product Photographer, Product Photography – Dobbies Garden Centre, Home Furnishings.

On this product photography shoot, as a studio, we moved from winter to summer, so to speak having previously worked on Dobbies Garden Centre’s extensive Christmas product range, now it was home furnishings – all with a nice summer, spring feel. As before these, images were all high key images (images with a white background often used by users of ebay or Amazon) – shot and clipped to a high specification, colour balanced and delivered back to Dobbies Garden Centre’s marketing team.

Product Photographer Edinburgh. Dobbies Home Furnishings
Product Photographer Edinburgh. Dobbies Home Furnishings (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

Much of the product could be regarded as a simple shoot.  However,  a large number of the products were black, made of glass, or had a mirror and silver finish – they posed huge issues where we had to manage light sheen (black has to be black not white and shinny black reflects), watch for reflections and manage colour change that can occur; as you ‘light’ the product in the high-key product photography benches/booth – yes, silver turns white, gold fades to virtually nothing.  On these occasions we had to use colour co-ordinated flags and bounces, watching for shadows and accidental reflections throughout the product , effectively surround the product prior to photographing it with a fence or targeted bounces.  Equally, high key makes dense shadows, so we had to use reflectors fill shadow regions, bring out details that would be obscured by the shadow and improve colours which may go muddy due to the shadow.  As before it was a completely outsourced service – we collect, style, shoot, deliver the image and then return the product to Dobbies, completely managed by the studio.  This leaves the Dobbies studio team to get on with other more pressing issues of the marketing department.  All they had to do was proof the images which were presented online in a lightbox.

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