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Product Photographer Edinburgh. Dobbies Garden Centres
Product Photographer Edinburgh. Dobbies Garden Centres. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

Style: Product Photographer, Product Photography.  Client: Dobbies Garden Centres, Christmas.


Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells Rock, or Jingle all the way in March…  Yes, we said March and no we haven’t been at the cooks sherry!   A fantastic product photography commission with an extraordinary high street brand – Dobbies Garden Centres.  Most in the studio have to admit that come Christmas, they have all succumbed to the fantastic stock in Dobbies – the traditional baubles, the artificial Christmas trees that look so real and the Santa sacks – so in a way as a team we were all very well versed in their past product lines.

On this occasion we had over 360 Christmas items to shoot, clip out and present for simple use by the Dobbies’ marketing team in preparation for campaigns later this year.  Hence March!  Now it all seems simple, in fact there is a wedding photographer by skill, not too far from one of our studios who likes to tell ‘lost’ prospects that this type of photography is low skill, his fashion and wedding work far more skilled, which is why they should use him and not YRSCommercial.

How little does this gentleman know.  The reflections of a mirror bauble are horrific!!  Light tents become useless as slits are needed for set up frames – hanging the baubles and yes the reflection is everywhere making post production a slog.  And has he ever clipped out a Christmas tree, let alone light balanced the images so the twinkle works and the green foliage looks nice and lush!  We have a saying in the product shoot team, product photography is the forgotten hero in commercial images – all too often considered easy because so many of us are that good we actually hide the problems from our clients!  Not low cost, just very good.  Then we have tinsel… one image took an hour to set up so the tinsel was nice and bushy and the 5 hours to clip out – even with good lighting, as there was to be no shadowing on the clip out.

A commission that was really satisfying for the whole team as it proved how good they were at product lighting, how excellent their skills were in clipping and that the project collected and returned to the client was done in less than working 20 days…  You have a really merry, merry Christmas!


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