Product Photographer Black Isle YRSCommercial

Product Photographer Black Isle YRSCommercial


Product Photographer Black Isle & Inverness. YRSCommercial, a commercial product photographer and packaging (pack shot) specialist, complete with studio benches and backdrops to handle all sorts of product photography – large or small, high key or in lifestyle/set piece photography formats -we can quickly cope with high volume catalogue photography commissions as well as lower volumes.

YRSCommercial. Product Photographer.

We have the servers and software to bulk name change and adapt images as and when they are shot for high speed delivery and conformity to SKU number requirements.  The vast majority of product images shot at the studio are table top sized, larger pieces are shot on site – so we bring the studio to you.

How much does it cost?

Our product photography packages are based on a simple image count pricing policy: 1-10, 11-20, 21-50 and 50 plus packages.  Product volumes of less than 20 items incur a studio set up fee – but we try to keep this to a minimum. The studio has its own secure safe house and is 24 hour CCTV monitored, so if your products are of a jewellery nature or is a prototype, they will always remain safe with us.

Using these facilities we offer product photography services to manufacturers and retailers across Scotland, as many ship their products to us via couriers, these being later returned under secure delivery.

YRSCommercial. Product Photographer Black Isle.

Post Production, clipping and colour management.

YRSCommercial. Product Photographer.

We provide clipping and masking services (providing white backgrounds for products), touching-up existing, as well as new images of any products, large or small complex or simple.  For very high volume clipping (in excess of 500 items) we may use one of our trusted suppliers to clip images to the same standard as ourselves.  Should we do this, we check all the images before getting them to you so quality is maintained at all times. We also do colour correction, enlargements, resizing for web use as well as print (dpi to 96), inset layering for multi views on a single image and PNG creation for transparent backgrounds.

Product Photography Black Isle, YRSCommercial.

Who do we work with, are they only large companies?

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We have an extremely wide client base that use us for product photography – high key cut out or lifestyle. They range from national retailers to small start up businesses. The products they send to us is equally diverse from cosmetics and food additives through to the finest of food products, furniture, jewellery right through to fabrics and clothing. Much of our work is for the internet (but not exclusively) – websites selling products locally and internationally. For others we are creating product lifestyle images and advertising images to sell products in magazines, editorials and of course the internet! So, we can honestly say our customer base is as wide as their product portfolio!

YRSCommercial, product photographer Black Isle.

Ebay, Amazon, Brandbank Etsy & Not the High Street.

Many of the online platforms now stipulate specific mechanics when it comes to images. By mechanics we mean how the images is created, the margin of white space around the object, the style of the lifestyle components in the image or simply the information on the image you can show. The list of criteria is getting quite complex and to be honest diverse depending upon the online platform. So, when you come to us for product photography you can be assured we already have the criteria in place through our workflow process or if we are in doubt, find it out for you. This means when you get images for any of your retail platforms they are easy to upload and meet the standards set by the platform – so no hassle!


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Many of our product clients who order hi key images from us, also ask us to shoot what we term ‘lifestyle‘ images – showing the product in use, selling its value proposition or brand promise. More creative than hi-key images these are about selling the value of the product and we use props, backgrounds and lighting to create these images beyond the traditional white background style. So we establish a strong brief, get to understand the product and its uses and then develop the images and shoot in the studio.

We are lucky to have created a very large props store. It started with our food photography side to the studio. However, with more an more product shoots over the years we seem to have a little bit of everything in there from nappies for baby and maternity lifestyle shoots, sports props for massage products and of course sports products, specialist props for Asian products, mannequins for clothing and household items galore for home and garden products.


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Yes, much of the product we shoot is small – it’s shipped to us via post or courier. But we do also get asked to shoot larger items here in the studio – sofas, fine dining tables, engineering products and machines. On such occasions we bring the studio to the client – lighting, backdrops to isolate the item etc. Again like with the set-piece images – we work a brief out first, visiting your business to do an on-site inspection for space, lighting and of course understand the item, its shape and how it will be used. This then lets us propose clear ideas and scamps for you to work alongside with.



YRSCommercial, a commercial photographer specialising in interiors, architecture, product and food images, based in the Highlands and working throughout the Black Isle region and wider still, Inverness & Scotland. We work with businesses, producers, restaurants, media, designers and property owners, creating images for commercial, editorial, promotional, business and industrial needs, as-well-as for media and agencies and marketing designers all over Scotland.

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YRSCommercial. Commercial Photographer

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The Studio, Pye Green Road, Cannock, WS12 4HS.. tel: 07790 545 990 or tel: 07436 569343. Email us: Send us an Enquiry to or use our contact form here.
IMPORTANT: We do not charge travel expenses only fixed priced projects so our location shouldn’t be an issue to you, we bring the studio to you free of charge.

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