Product Photographer, Cosmetics. Mary Jean.

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Product Photography Aberdeen, Product Photographer.  Client case study for Mary Jean Cosmetics and personal cleansers.

An interesting long term project – this was the first in their product lines for soaps.  We were asked to bring forward the heritage of the product, the simple use of ingredients and the natural aspect to the range.  Armed with samples from their product line, a vertical approach was taken to show both product and ingredients in a simple product photography style.  Age was added through the use of rustic backgrounds and selective props which were either applied to a bathing remit or a preparation approach.  Following on from this range of lifestyle product photography images we were then asked to produce simple high key (ecommerce) images for use in the shopping cart.  A nice project that let us experiment with a fusion of food photography styles in cosmetic products setting!

Product Photographer Aberdeen Mary Jean
Product Photographer Aberdeen Mary Jean

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