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Product Photographer, Hi-key Catalogue Photography


Product and packaging photographer case study – product photography ecommerce and catalogue.


Product Photographer, Hi-key Catalogue Photography
Product Photographer, Hi-key Catalogue Photography. Copyright Protected. Watermarked. IP Monitored.

Much of website or ecommerce product photography is now set to white – especially if you sell on eBay, Amazon. To get the white background takes a skill – and not easily achieved when you shoot off an iphone or other camera set ups. It’s a matter of good lighting and software technique. Then you have the additional photography challenges of angles, ecommerce engines and websites require using 360 degree tables. So to some degree with the pricing models that are out in the market place – like ourselves start at just £4.99 per image on high volume contracts, you question why both wit DIY photography – the image is after all you main selling piece!  So when shooting to white, there’s a lot to think about for ecommerce and an area best left to the ecommerce photographer not the designer of your website – yes, we’ve seen this happen to as they try to clip out badly photographed products – the rest?  Just cut out badly photographed product shots. You have to light the product properly even if you use a clipping mask!


We always pride ourselves with our lighting of the object first then apply selective clipping secondly – shadows always occur in the background is you use paper as a sweep and then you have issue of light ‘escaping’ to the side of the product if you us and LED panel. Get the lighting right on the product and this ensures good colour saturation and that whites mean white – not dirty grey or cream. Then all that is needed is a range of flags and scrims to deflect stray light and stop ‘flashing’ on dark colours as well as small bounces to make sure that all the darkest points have shape and form.

Then the finer things – you can set the objects on mat white (with clipped grey shading if required), reflective coloured or transparent surfaces – the options are wide. You can even use Photoshop to create reflections – this is something we often do for our jewellery product photography.

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