Menu Photographer. Ben Loyal Hotel.

Interior Photography Invernes Ben Loyal
Interior Photography Invernes Ben Loyal

Inverness Commercial Photographer Case Study – hotel property & food Photography for Ben Loyal Hotel in Tongue.

It seems when you get to Tongue it is impossible to go any further north in the British Isles… Jurassic coastlines, Smoo Cave with its history and of course the Ben standing proud in a vast ocean of moorland stretching as far as the eye can see. Many do the run from Ullapool to John a’ Groats, stopping in the Ben Loyal hotel. Fine food, stunning interior with comfortable beds and a place to rest before continuing on the next stage of the journey.


The studio was asked to do a full property and interior photography shoot and a food and menu photography shoot to create new images for them following considerable decoration and for a new website.  The bedrooms only presented a single challenge and that was due to the time of year – constant streaming sunlight on one side of the building.  We try not to ley shafts of sunlight stream across the carpets, beds etc as this create strange light changes in the image – so we generallay wait for the sun to go in then take the shot – if we can that is.  Or we start on a different part of the building.

On this occasion, the light was a very harsh white winter light that was stunning outside but wouldn’t switch off so the shoot ended up a back and forth event, waiting for clouds to cover over and then the images taken.  Downstairs the opposite problem – large and long rooms that needed lots of light to lighten the dark areas – but this means the views which are absolutely stunning are lost if though the windows being ‘blown’ or over exposed.  So again, we used ‘travelling cloud cover’ to manage the sun and used three lighting systems to try and create a uniform lighting set up in the dinning room and lounge.  this was – we could still see outside.  As for the food, a temporary contract chef was in at the time – he stayed 6 months in Scotland, being a Glasgow trained chef and then 6 months in Indonesia where he had another business.

Therefore, as he said he brought a fusion style to a Scots menu and a traditional UK theme to some Asian dishes.  Have to say, what was put before us to shoot was absolutey stunning, lobster using ginger carefully with chilli to bring out the subtle flavour of the flesh, and creme brûlée with lime.  With all the natural light coming in, we simply took a table ‘view and sunshine side’ then screened the window with a white window scrim – essentially a large white filter cloth.  This totally soften the light, removed all the shadows and then let us deal with the shine on glazes and sticky Asian sources.  Due to the shapes and composition of the dishes low angles we adopted and skewed t create a very contemporary feel.  A great shoot, with lots of ideas to take home and try ourselves from a  very professional chef, Thanks George!

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