Interiors & Property Photographer. The Hermitage.

Your Reflection Studio. The Hermitage Kingussie

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Inverness property photographer case study – guest house and interior property photography.

This shoot of the property was challenging in that the website had already invested in the past, in good images. So how to make this property and interiror photography shoot different and improve on their selection already? Using an old marketing technique, we worked out the basic added value of the Hermitage property – quite splendid and fine food combined to make a ‘relaxed experience’ and so, we approached the property and interior shoot on this occasion, trying to demonstrate how this guest house was worth staying in a few days more – rather than traditional guest house and BNB traffic which moves on daily. We shot the food, the comfort of the bedrooms, the fine furniture and of course the garden. Now being a place in the Highland, we came back a number of times, free of charge, until we got the blue sky!

Your Reflection Studio. The Hermitage Kingussie
Your Reflection Studio. The Hermitage Kingussie. Copyright Protected. Watermarked. IP Monitored.

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