Inverness Property Photographer. Forse Estate, Bidwells Scotland.

Interior Photographer Inverness Bidwells Forse Estate


Inverness property photographer case study – property and sporting estate photographer, Forse Estate, Caithness, Bidwells.

The studio has done a number of different property, sporting estate and land photography shoots for Scottish landowners and their land agents -this one was both a pleasure and a challenge as it involved a full property and interior photography shoot of all the properties of the estate as well as the sporting assets – lochs and grouse moors. The estate, owned by a family in Reading was being put up for sale, the images to be used in a very expensive brochure!

Interior Photographer Inverness Bidwells Forse Estate
Interior Photographer Inverness Bidwells Forse Estate. Copyright Protected. Watermarked. IP Monitored.

The only thing to worry about it seemed was consistency in the images – we shot four differing high value properties some more ornate than others – so the trick was to shoot them in a way that they all looks as good as the most ornate and not the other way round!  High ceilings absorbed light so it became a challenge yet on other properties low ceiling or coombed ones reflected the light harshly.  So the shoot had to be style led – we used the part opened doors technique to show a glimpse of what lay behind to try and entice, then with the rest of the property shoot, we tried to find key features – the use of the old forge in the sitting room – yes I said forge!! The only problem then lay in the remoteness of getting to some of the property deep in the Sutherland landscape, which can – on the wrong day, feel like you are at sea – huge swathes of muddy brown sea (heather moor) to your left, to your right no matter where you looked – absolute flat brown sea and not a tree in sight!  So you can imagine the grounds shoots, fishing lochs and grouse moors where a challenge!

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