Inverness Property Photographer. Clansman Hotel, Loch Ness.

Interior Photographer Inverness Clansman Hotel Loch Ness

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Inverness property photographer case study – hotel property & food Photography, Clansman Hotel Loch Ness.

An interesting property and interior photography shoot that ranged from the restaurant and bar areas of the very popular Loch Ness hotel through to the wide range of bedrooms that exist in both the main building and the side wing.  Key to the shoot was the management of light consistency across the wide spaces of restaurant and bar.  The restaurant has a huge area of glass – a nice view of the Loch although a broadside view of the far bank and little else.  This panel of glass creates enormous light change between the window and the far interior wall – at it runs the entire length of the room.  So we had to balance strobe units throughout the room, under expose the shoot to keep the view in the window and then re-adjust the image in the studio. It was worse in the bar – bars always have subdued lighting – it makes the atmosphere.  Only in the Clansman the bar also has glass from ceil to floor on two sides…  Very dark at the bar, very bright at the window.  A challenge we simply overcome through good studio light use.

Your Reflection Studio. Clansman Hotel Loch Ness.
Your Reflection Studio. Clansman Hotel Loch Ness. Copyright Protected. Watermarked. IP Monitored.

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