Product Photographer, Furniture. Loch Ness Furniture.

Product Photographer Inverness Loch Ness Furniture

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Product and ecommerce photographer case study – product and ecommerce photography, Loch ness Furniture.

Inverness Product Photographer. Loch Ness Furniture.
Your Reflection Studio, Inverness Product Photographer. Loch Ness Furniture. Copyright Protected. Watermarked. IP Monitored.

Tucked away just off one of the main busy streets in Inverness you will find an emporium of furniture, upholstered products and jewellery boxes all for sale in a small specialist retail shop. They have decided to improve their spread – UK wide – through a new eCommerce website and we were asked along by their Glasgow designers to do a full product and ecommerce (e-commerce) photography shoot of the full range of furniture.  Taking room in the back store, we controlled light against a simple white sweep with continuous light units – this provided a quality lighting – however, due to the natural of the environment the white sweep became slightly grey.  So the next task was to simply clip out the images and furniture – providing two forms of image – total clipped like above and a second form with a simple grey footer shadow giving the items a base or landscape to the composition.   Flashing was critical throughout the product photography shoot – the funture items had a gloss or semi gloss finish and were often of dark colours – blue, black or dark brown.  This meant a series of flags were used as well as a staff member who acted as a ‘go-be’ casting shadow from their body shape as and where needed.

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