Interiors & Property Photographer. Hilton Lodge and Bell Ingram.

Inverness property photographer case study – guest house & property photographer, Hilton Lodge and Bell Ingram.

A very fine house, the property located in the wilds to the side of Dornoch and with stunning interior – huge rooms, exquisite fabrics and furnishings, the property set in 50 acres of farming land – you have the chance of both holidaying and being part of agricultural life when staying at the Hilton Lodge – a little bit of Famous Five and Enid Blyton. We were asked in by the owner of Hilton Lodge to not only shoot this property – a full property and interior photography shoot – they also had a four bedroomed – huge – property, which they rented out on long term basis. So they needed images of this for their property agents, Bell Ingram. A big shoot and a busy day.

Your Reflection Studio. Hilton Lodge Dornoch. Copyright Protected. Watermarked. IP Monitored.

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