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Food Photographer Inverness Balaval Hotel Kingussie Menu


Style: Food Photographer, Food Photography, Menu Photography. Client: The Balavil Hotel.

Kingussie, a famous village just on the edge of the Cairngorm and seep in the national park is a favourite location for holiday makers – whether holiday let, BNB or hotel users.  The village itself a linear collection of granite grey stone buildings where you can get anything from fine tartan or tweed to a fine meal and lodgings. Which is where the Balavil Hotel comes in.  An impressive pile of granite on the high street – it’s huge and stands out distinctively against the small occupancies of the high street and provides a little bit of luxury when in the depths of a rainy Highland day.  An exquisite dining room offers not only evening meals but a range of lunches prepared freshly by a very talented chef – the owner!  Not satisfied with fine dinning you also have the option of their very warm and inviting bar where an equally wide ranging menu is on offer.

Food Photographer Inverness Balaval Hotel Kingussie Menu
Food Photographer Inverness Balaval Hotel Kingussie Menu. Copyright Protected. Watermarked. IP Monitored.

We were asked in by the owner chef to not only capture her skills for a new website but also the quality of the ingredients she uses.  The menu is a traditional combination of filling bar meals and then fine dining dishes – so our shoot ranged from a huge fish supper meal to venison on a potato gnash.  We took over a single table window side in the very fine dinning room, and initially took images of serving staff preparing the tables, polishing glasses and laying the covers.  Then as the menu arrived we tried to use only natural light – filling in with continuous lighting as needed with soft boxes.  At times the white light became a little over powering – the windows are huge – so we used flags to control as much of the flashing as possible on rich sauces and yes, sweet deserts.  A great shoot and a very fine chef!


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