Inverness food photographer. Reids of Caithness, Thurso.

Inverness product and packaging photographer case study – food product & packaging photography, Reids of Caithness.

Following a complete re-brand of their packaging and website by an Inverness Design Agency 2BCreative,  Reids of Caithness commissioned the Studio here in Inverness to do a food product and packaging photography photoshoot of an extensive range of the products – shortbread to biscuits and oatcakes. These images where to be used initially by a packaging consultant in Glasgow and then by 2BCreative in their website – so high key and cut out shots were created. We deliberately added the crumb effect to the images which we shot on a matt base surface and simply clipped out using Adobe Photoshop.  Ingredients were used as a passing support item – the size of the image being limited to the packaging geometry we had been given.  Can you work out the biscuits?  Well one of them is chocolate chip shortbread…

Food Photographer Inverness, Reids of Caithness. Copyright Protected. Watermarked. IP Monitored.

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