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Inverness food photographer case study – food photography.

A fantastic food photography shoot with haggis food product and fine whisky. Now as a veggie you can tell, which of which caught my eye! We were asked to shoot a range of recipes (for print and web) for Grants of Speyside as they see this as a strong marketing tool for the food products – this was the first food photography shoot we did for Grants of Spyeside.

Inverness Food Photographer. Grants of Speyside.
Inverness Food Photographer. Grants of Speyside. Copyright Protected. Watermarked. IP Monitored.

The shoot was in fact two shoots – the first a product label and packaging shoot – the 105 and haggis image – which was to be used on their ‘haggis in a tin’ packaging and then sold in the whiskey tourist shop at Glenfarclas.  So apart from the styling of the shoot, which we did ourselves, the issue here was packaging geometry – size, format, reveal and wrapping issues.  These all had to be thought of as well as the fact we were selling a product – haggis – that had a partner brand – Glenfaclas – who insisted in have a strong brand presence.  So brand balance had to be considered. The styling was simple as was the food preparation – there’s only so much we can do in product photography to enhance the look of the product legally.

The second part of the shoot was a series of advertising images – some taken on site with specialist chef agreements and others here in the studio.  The chefs were all booked by our management and admin team, we turned up to shoot previously agreed menu dishes all using Grants products.  Then back in the studio we cooked a range of dishes, styled the images and then photographed them – a complete outsource option, which we do a lot for publications who simply want us to shoot a recipe for them and ship them an image or clients who not only need the image of their products in a  recipe, they need a recipe card as well which we design and publish.  A great shoot all in all.  Don’t forget to look for other Grants shoots we have done with them!

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Your Reflection Studio, Commercial Photography.

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