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As a specialist studio that works extensively with interiors as well as our food, architectural and product clients, we are often asked in where others have somewhat struggled shall we say.  It’s normally an architectural point that has been the challenge and the previous efforts to capture the feature or rooms shape, whether professionally taken or by the owner has failed.  On this occasion, the entire initial conversation was about how we would handle the very attractive bulk-head in the open plan lounge sitting and kitchen area of this stunning holiday let.  Why?  Well previous efforts had been made and much to the cost of the owner and they had simply failed to capture the style, the feature contribution and the craftsman ship involved.

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We accepted the challenge of the interior photography photoshoot without seeing the feature first – so our only engagement with the challenge was as we walked into the room.  It has to be said it is stunning.  The only problem is that it causes a compositional argument in the picture and it was this that was the problem.  So how to capture two features on two opposite sides of the picture… the ceiling area where the bulk head featured and the floor where the furnishings exited – oh yes and the entire depth of the room is less than 15 feet so no, you cannot step back and take in the vista with a wide angle lens.  So a challenge and an important one as the feature was so strong.  Our approach – to simply work a way to combined the feature with the furnishings through angles – how we would approach such issues in our other line of work architectural photography – here huge features often extend beyond the abilities of the lens through their sheer size and the implications of the landscape.  A nice interior photography shoot and a stunning place to stay on the outskirts of Aviemore perfect for a ski-ing holiday!

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