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A new build property, contemporary design with acres of space – and it’s a luxury holiday let. Buried deep in the countryside between Aviemore and Granton on Spey, it has all the views yet isn’t too far from local amenities, which will make this a perfect location for those who either wish to crack the ski slopes or take a more relaxed view of life and perhaps explore the Spey valley’s other attraction – Scotch.   All the rooms were simply huge and the three floors of the building sort of give you even more space if you have a busy family – including a room dedicated as a nursery.

Now there’s a little know fact about this side of the Cairngorm – if the property points in a certain direction, come winter, you have headlights pointing at your windows – yes extra big, extra powerful and always too bright headlights – so watch the Scotch consumption!  We’re talking harsh white sunshine.  So photographing interiors or property here is a bit of a challenge at this time of year if you’re after perfection and not the typical real-estate snaps…  First you have the problem of the sun simply blowing out the views through the windows – which in this case as can be seen above was quite important.  Then you have the deep shadows come 2pm which turns all colours a shade of blue incidentally outside and totally changes all the colours of the lighting inside making them very yellow and orange as the sun quickly disappears after 3pm!

Then you have the shafts of sunlight acting like graffiti on the plain paint walls or floors – whether carpeted or wooden. 

Now please don’t think we hate sunshine – quite the opposite, it’s just that the Spey valley around the Cairngorm has an ability to seemingly intensify the sun’s white light effect and make interior and exterior photography very difficult to get absolutely right.  Easy for a real estate snap but getting the image right for editorial level images, a challenge – try taking a photo of the property from outside, when the sun is directly at the back of it full blast, impossible.  You see the sun doesn’t get very high in the sky at all here at this time of the year – barely leaves the horizon, so the ‘headlight’ so to speak is very direct and in your face.  And yes, on this occasion, we have joyous sunshine!

As said earlier this is a stunning holiday let – huge kitchen, open plan lounge with stunning views, the bedroom on the ground floor (pictured) with own sitting area has patio doors onto the grounds below.  So we need strong images for a strong property.  The issue is there are lots of windows – nice for the living experience but a problem with the photoshoot in strong light so the walls are streaked with sunshine.  Nice if you want that type of shot but not to the intensity we were getting on the day.  We shoot off camera studio lights, which take out most of the light issues but very strong sun light shafts – they can’t.  So there is only two things to do.  Compose very tightly specific images, which avoid the shafts of light or wait and hope for a cloud.  So the interior photoshoot had to be shot following the sun.  The lounge was shot last (as was everything on the elevation of the property) as it had full frontal sunshine at 10am.  And what would have been a normal two to three hour photoshoot (yes, this is the typical length of time we work with your property), it took six.  Hey ho, it didn’t cost the client anymore but it did get the images right and there was plenty of time to chat about their plans, whilst the sun went behind a cloud or moved away from the window!

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YRSCommercial (Your Reflection Studio), a business and corporate photography studio is based in the Midlands and Scotland, working throughout the UK. We work with business, media and editors, creating images of interiors,architecture, product and food, all over the UK. YRSCommercial (Your Reflection Studio), Commercial Photographer.

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